Wellness t-shirt event was to “dye” for


Elise Mayer, photographer

It is always good to get away from technology when the semester gets stressful, and what better way to do that on a beautiful sunny day outside of the Student Recreation Center. On Monday, October 3rd, the CSUB Wellness department put on a “Tie-Dye without tech” event, which was set up with free white shirts, dye, and rubber bands for tie-dye. The tables had varying instructions for unique tie-dye designs, and students got to choose their favorite, or come up with one on their own. CSUB student Christian Bavuso shared a little bit of what he experienced at the event] “I thought it was great and had a blast. I was kind of nervous about how my shirt would turn out since I had never tye-died anything before. But they made it really easy with those instruction sheets they had on the tables. My shirt came out amazing!” Find more information on Wellness events at https://www.csub.edu/reccenter/Wellness/