ASI announces event hosted by Muslim Student Association on Nov. 16

Teresa Balmori Perez, News Reporter

The Associate Student Inc. announced an event for the Muslim Student Association that will take place on Nov. 16. It will consist of two portions. The first portion will take place outside the Student Union from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m and the second portion will be a reception from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

According to Nora Alamnari, the president for the Muslim Student Association, the first portion will consist of a hijab distribution where the Muslim Student Association plan to hand out hijab for staff, faculty, or any members who would like to participate. Alamnari explained that it’s optional for everyone and that the people who do not wish to not partake in the hijab distribution can simply sign a pledge for their club or pick up a customized keychain. 

The Muslim Student Association plans to have guest speakers and student panels at the reception, which will take place inside the Student Union.  

Alamnari explained the different benefits that the event will offer, such as raising awareness, educating and displaying misconceptions, and helping students and faculty experience a day in the life of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman.  

The ASI members shared their thoughts and opinions on the event.  

Julissa Chavana, the vice president of finance, explained that she feels that this event will help California State University, Bakersfield students learn about different cultures.  

“I think it’s wonderful to learn about a culture and have the honor of celebrating different cultures,” Chavana said.  

Sara Alame, the director of sustainability, also shared her thoughts on the event. 

According to Alame, she has participated in the hijab distribution challenge in the past and thinks that it’s a great opportunity for people to learn about the culture and religious aspects of the hijab.  

“I really enjoyed towards the end because we usually have a gathering and everyone is able to come by and share their experiences, and it’s very cool to hear everyone’s experiences,” Alame said.  

Alame also stated that at the end of the event, the Muslim Student Association held a Q&A to ask questions and clear up any misconceptions about what the hijab really means in the culture.