CSUB women’s soccer looks to stay goal-oriented

Cosme Garcia, Sports Reporter

The soccer season is in full swing and exciting times are ahead for the CSUB women’s soccer team. They are well into their season having completed 13 games currently holding a record of four wins, six losses, and three draws. The team has a record of two wins, one loss, and two draws in Big West conference games. The entire team is excited to prove that they are much better than their record or recent fixtures indicate.

As a team, the women ’Runners are looking to clean up mental lapses such as giving away goals due to simple errors. Instead, they hope to capitalize with their chances and as a result score more goals. One of the focal points of the team is building a winning mentality even when times prove difficult. Moreover, the team looks to find consistency, perform methodical teamwork, and become mentally tough.

The CSUB women ’Runners hope to put their struggles behind them and unite on the pitch in order to build toughness and a winning streak.

Junior midfielder/defender, Chloe Sizemore (23), is aware of the pressure to perform well on the pitch and as a result stressed the importance of “building mental toughness.” In addition, Sizemore recognized the importance of working as a team and, during the interview, made it abundantly clear that team building and team support is something the team values highly.

“When we play our best, we can beat anyone,” Sizemore stated as she talked about the recent form of the team and the upcoming fixtures. “We are definitely hoping to win and make the tournament,” she continued, referring to the Big West tournament in which the top 6 teams in the standings compete for the championship.

The Women ’Runners also hope to address the consistency of the team both during games and in the season. Junior goalkeeper, Hollee Hercik (00), talked about the importance of “holding our heads high regardless of mistakes” and making sure that the team realizes that everyone makes mistakes but that they should continue to be motivated. Hercik continued by stating that “reliance and trust” are some of the most important qualities on the pitch. She also called the team truly “amazing” as they continue to grow closer much like a family playing on the pitch for one another.

Head Coach Sebastian Vecchio, who has now coached the women’s team for 5 years, was not available for an interview.

The CSUB women’s soccer team looks to get back in the winning column when they play their next Big West conference game at home against UC Riverside on Sunday, Oct. 9.