Late nights with The Runner Ep. 1

Maya Morales, Podcaster


Welcome to the first episode of Late Nights with The Runner! In this series, we will explore a wide range of topics and emotions with our 4 co-hosts, after hours. Join us this week as we dive into the Billboard Top 10 music artists and discuss tea in the music industry!

she literally was like, Hey, Hey, Hey, wait I like that as an intro we should do that. Wait, all four of us. Hey. Hey. Hey, y’all what’s up runners. Welcome to your first episode of late nights with the runner.

I am your podcast, host Maya Morales, and I am here with Kiara I’m the opinions editor per Vada Hepner. I’m the. Editor in chief for publications. Yes ma’am. come on, Ellice. You got it. Ellice Richman. I am the digital editor in chief. Yes, we love it. We love it. Today we are going to be talking about some top hot [00:01:00] 100 billboard artists, and we are also gonna be going into some drama and tea in the music and film industry.

But before we do that, please follow us on all of our socials, our Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. We got it all. And also, please look at our website at the runner online. Right? perfect. .com Awesome. Okay, so let’s get into it. We’ve been kind of looking at this list a little bit already, but coming in at number 10, we have wait for you by future featuring Drake and somebody named Temz.

I’m so to be honest, I’ve never heard this song. Y’all I’ve really never heard. I’m actually not a fan of Drake. Like at all. Everyone is so Gaga over this man, but I don’t understand. I kind of feel that too. Me Drake, I don’t understand a hype. I’m sorry. I kind of feel that too, because like, I like someone Drake’s songs, but I think I like old Drake a little better than like… old Drake is definitely a lot better.

That was when I kind of like, could [00:02:00] hear a song and I wouldn’t like, just turn off nothing. Drake as person turns me off from his music. Okay. Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, why explain? You can’t me to explain like that I’m gonna cut that now. No, that that’s valid. Like I just wanna know why, like, what is like the haircut like him as of like visually as a person or you think like personal, oh, you know, maybe personality Maybe him trying to like groom little children, Millie Bobby Brown.

With Kanye. So I just put the two of them together, not, yeah. I put the two of them together. And so I’m like, I don’t like either of ’em. I, I mean, I completely

forgot about the Millie Bobby Brown thing. I did not because it is so freaking creepy. It’s the same thing as like, there’s like certain things that celebrities do.

And you just kind of always remember for like the rest of your life. Like that’s like, you know Tom Brady that the man that kisses his children on lips? And he’s still in the fucking super bowl? I’m just saying. Wait Tom Brady or who? Tom Brady. I guess that could be like a culture thing. Some [00:03:00] cultures. I know some do that. His kids are like older than 10.

That’s weird. I see. Yeah. Like there’s a video of him going like this. Like his kid like moves to kiss, like get a kiss on the cheek and he like comes back. He’s like, seems him yelling at him. He’s like, and like kisses him on… it’s weird. It’s just weird. Weird. A little weird. See, that’s what I’m saying. But this man is like still…icky.

Very icky. Yeah. See icky, man. That’s the, that’s the topic. So Drake qualifies under icky men. Is that what I’m hearing? Yes. It’s a yes for me. yeah, I think, yeah, I just, I’m not super into D Drake. I’ve never been super into Drake, so I don’t know too much about it’s more about the music just don’t listen to, I don’t, it’s not my time.

Not my company, no future. I like a couple of future songs, but like, I feel like future. No, who’s Temz no, who’s Temz. That’s the question. Who’s who’s Tim’s I don’t even know who that is. Future is either. Yeah. Future. Future is a rapper, but I think he also produces as well though. Oh, I know him as a producer.

Yeah. I think he also produces as well, but rapper, [00:04:00] is he a white man? He is not white. He’s not white, man. No, he is not white. No. I’m thinking of logic. Logic. Yeah. Logic. Don’t compare that too. I have one name, one word names that could be literally like any rapper, you know, future. LA logic. M Drake. Yeah.

Yeah. IM feel future always has a feature like future. I haven’t heard of just a future song with just future. I’ve always heard future. So maybe he is a producer and he just kind of jumps in he’s really? Yeah. Just a future song featuring, so yeah, this is a future song featuring Drake and whoever this Tims person is.

I feel so bad. That’s a shoe. That’s a shoe. Isn’t it? Tims. Tims.

familiar was like the donut place. Tim horn.

Yes. The one with Justin, like Justin, you familiar? Hold on. Where’s my phone. I wanna look up who this Tim’s person is. [00:05:00] Okay. Yeah. Let’s look up who this Tim’s person. Cause I feel bad. Like just totally like brushing over this person. Like they might actually, we might have some fans

Okay. Tims, T E M S T E TAs. TES Tims. Did I say it? Tims? Yeah. Say that’s how Tim Tims. Sorry. Tims, Tims. What? It’s a woman, woman. Nigerian singer songwriter. Beautiful woman. Beautiful. Holy shit. Oh, she’s hot. She’s gorgeous. She’s whoa, the audience. It’s a beautiful woman holding two awards.

Yes, that, that awards. B E T baby. Oh, so she’s like known. Wow. Okay. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Free mind. Higher damages, crazy teens. Those are her songs that pop up free mind. I think B E T stands for like black entertainment television. Television. Yes. Yeah. It’s yeah. That’s a B T network [00:06:00] channel show.

So no. Is, is she a producer for like shows or is she on show? Maybe she’s in, she probably wrote songs for Nigerian singer songwriter. Wow. No, that’s so cool. That’s actually really cool. Okay. So like we take back our comment the way I, yeah, totally TES is the most important person on the track. Forget future.

And Drake TES is the most important person. Yes, girl. We’re really going based off looks alone. God, they’re gonna think we’re self-centered no, but like that’s so cool. Support women. That’s so cool. We support women. We talk about queen icky. So yeah, we’re after a great start. I, I have a feeling that times makes this song, like we didn’t even like listen to, we listen to a little bit of it.

I bet you, she comes in on the bridge kind of like, oh, . Yeah. Anyways, not like my most favorite song. Not something I think I would listen. I don’t think I listen to however I would give Tim’s music a try. Yeah, for sure. Now I listen to her stuff. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. Moving on to [00:07:00] number nine, we have bere my soul by queen be beyond say, oh yeah, I love this song.

I like her whole new album song is just everything fire. Absolutely. I don’t like don’t think I name about they’re they’re gonna kill me. I literally was listening to thick my I actually. Okay. So single ladies era, older Beyonce, but when she came out with lemonade, I stopped liking her stuff. Why? It just wasn’t, it wasn’t like good at that time in arrow.

Okay. We had swift taking over Ariana Grande and it was just the breakup Anthem and everything swift be replacing. I’m not saying they replacing her,

but I’m saying all of it was, was just like breakup songs and everything. Just. I just, oh, don’t trash. Ari. I love her. Oh my God. I marry her 100%. Like, she’s amazing.

I don’t think I have a, like a, an opinion on an opinion on her. I think I like her. I’ll listen to her songs, but also you’re not [00:08:00] playing. Sometimes her music annoys me in the car, so I just skip it. I just, almost everything about her. Oh, damn. Really? Yeah. She’s pretty. I, that’s not something. She has a great voice.

I will give it to, she does have good vocal ring. She has a great voice. She’s very talented, but just think it’s too much whistling. Sometimes tea about like her show Sam and cat about her being like, I stand by Jennette McCurdy. Oh, okay. No, no. It comes to that then hundred percent for a fact. Yeah. Yeah.

No, I say her as like a singer, just as an artist, like a music, an artist. I like her, but when it comes back to her person, yeah. Okay. Then Jenette McCurdy wins a hundred percent. I don’t like her as a person. I don’t like her music. Oh, I don’t. It’s too poppy. And it’s too high pep. I’m so sorry. It’s too. No, you’re fine.

High. Was just not my, yeah. See, Beyonce’s not my kind of music. No, I feel that that’s about my voice in the car and I’m like, no, I don’t think I know about enough about her as a person to like have an opinion on her. Yeah. As for her music goes, the songs that I’ve heard, I think are pretty fine. [00:09:00] Like the same way about Mariah Carey, like it’s bad.

Just say, oh no, no, no, no. After I feel with that and like the whistle tones to me is just like a little too much Tory Kelly. Like they all have like amazing voices voices, but it’s just like when it’s whistle tone all the time when it is too high, all there’s a male artist. Listen to this. Okay. What about okay.

Not a female, but a male artist that does whistle tones a lot. Zane Mallick. I said Zane Mallick is missile tone a little bit, a little bit. No, but that man can sing. I will stand by pentatonic. I love, I haven’t heard the word pentatonics in like years. Pentatonics the first band taught to open for someone they opened for Kelly Clarkson in like 2012.

Jesus Christ. She was there. Y I was there, met there. Was that your first concert opening for people? Huh? Wait, that was your first concert, like do concerts. Yeah. They, they didn’t have tours. They have like pen tonic, a person. I will say. I don’t [00:10:00] think this person has whistle tones, but they do have they blow a lot.

Is Demi Lavato. Oh my queen. I love Demi Lavato I can pronouns. They, yeah, they, yeah. She, she, they, she went back to she. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She both. Okay. Got I was just gonna say they, cuz I don’t play it safe. Yep. I get They have a. Strong voice though. Like, I feel like there’s power in it with be just like, you know, what’ll back you up.

Like I’ve always been team Demi. Like I’ve always team Demi as well. I was there in 2011 unbroken tour y’all… I’m sorry. Sober by Demi Lavato.

That song will break me to my core that song. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Okay. Wait a minute. Have you guys listened to their new album though? No, because . . if you’re wondering what’s happening, we’re laughing at the freaking sound waves right [00:11:00] now, freaking. I I’ve only heard the 19, so here’s 1729.

That is, oh, if that’s how the whole album is song. No, seriously, like there, this album, I’ve been saying this, like, since I listened to the whole thing, this album, I think really suits their voice. Like they were meant for this. I think she always should have done rock the entire time. Literally. This is what she was meant.

That’s what she was meant to do for sure. Yeah, for sure. Gots such a, not to say that the pop music wasn’t pops. Oh, let’s talk about warriors. Skyscraper. Are we for, are we forgetting about fucking cool for the summer that music video was literally my gay awakening. I’m like… not the copyright

is like vocals for so stone cold. That that’s song. Oh, I mean that takes talent. Yeah. I’ve got a guy that he can sing that so perfectly. And I’m, he have [00:12:00] completely moved away. I know we moved,

no, if we’re talking about strong in the music industry, Taylor swift has made such an impact. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. Like boys bullet strong boy. Oh Jay HUD, Jennifer Hudson. Her, that woman can blow the most, the most. For sure. I say, I mean, Beyonce. Beyonce does have a good one. Powerful. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Christina Aguilera. Oh my, oh my God. Pink. Oh, pink, pink. Oh, I love, love pink concert. I want to go to, I just saw Keith urban on Thursday and he had pink, like on the background, singing the song with him. And it was no way like on the background music or pink was there. She wasn’t there. Oh, she was a track video.

He had pink, the video and Carrie Underwood. Not Carrie under. What’s cool though. No, I like she’s good, but she’s not pink. She’s not Pink’s she’s not pink. She can sing though. I will sing. I’ll give it to her. She’s like the [00:13:00] group. No, isn’t she pop? Isn’t she just isn’t she like taking a step away for like kids.

I have no idea. I know she’s doing is, I don’t know. I don’t give a country music anymore. Like music, all music, all music was honestly the best though. Know Keith Ivin was married to Nicole Kidman. They’re still married. Yeah. But did you know? Yeah, I didn’t know that they were, they’ve been married for almost over a decade.

A long ass time. Yeah. Over a decade. Yeah. Two kids together, but I’m like, what? Why are they together? Or Blake Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert and then Ste Gwen Savani yeah, I thought the Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton match up was kind of, they’re still married. It’s weird. Yeah, we totally stuck away.

Okay. Anyways, let’s get back on track. Okay. Yeah, let’s get back on track next. So after break my soul. Wow. It was just number nine that we were on. Oh God, I don’t know why I thought we were further down list, but number eight is I like you by post Malone featuring Doja Doja

unpopular opinion. IHA. I really don’t like post [00:14:00] Malone. I’m so sorry. Like really? I really don’t as, as person or as. As an artist. I think as a person, I don’t know enough about him. Okay. Fair. You know, as an artist, I only like a couple of his songs and then like, I don’t see like why people go, so, whoa. I love post as a person, as an artist, as an God.

All of it of it. Whoa. They say, God is a woman. God is a post Malone. God is post Malone. Seriously. He’s the most precious little human being. Doja is just Doja is Doja now we’re gonna talk about Doja. Hold on. Doja I love Doja.

My mom has even told me that she will not go to a Dozier concert with me. She’s like, you’re just not gonna stop screaming the entire time. Hold I’m gonna bring it back to post real quick. I, people can say all I want, but he like the way given the way that man looks and like the kind of music you expect from him, like congrat congratulations.

Congratulations. Right, right. That. But then he whips out like feeling Whitney. [00:15:00] And that song. See, I’ve never heard that song. Really? Yeah. I’ve never heard that. Oh my God. Okay. See, that’s weird because I, that was like a

culture that was a cultural reset. When Feeling, Whitney came out, that’s the most gut wrenching soul put into song.Okay. Here, I’ll put it like this. Have you list, you listened to Rex orange county Rex. Yes. Okay. Absolutely. Pluto projector. 10 times sadder 10 times. sadder really song 10 times sadder than Pluto projector. I feel like feeling Whitney is more wrenching than Pluto projector, Whitney, like feeling Whitney, like yeah.

Feeling Whitney. I don’t know if it’s like the little, the little STR SA I don’t know. It just hurts so much. We have to listen to it. Okay. So I love, listen. You’re feeling Whitney. I’m feeling Whitney love, love sad music. So like, I’m guessing I’m gonna to this when I get out, because we should make a sad playlist.

I am addicted to sad music. I love sad. I could get you like if I’m feeling, if I’m feeling depressed best believe I’m pulling out my fuck. I’m sad playlist because. Wow. I didn’t need [00:16:00] be. I didn’t even need be feeling depressed to be listen, sad music, absolutely. On that list. Matilda by Harry styles is now that list.

Favorite, sad song. I’m getting that tattooed. I’m getting a tattooed as well. I’m getting a tattooed. . My, my favorite song song isn’t even like necessarily sad, like, but kind of sad.

What, what is it you next to me by imagine dragon? So song really puts me in my feels. I think it’s just like way, the way it goes. I don’t, I don’t listen to imagine dragons enough to know that. So the thing about the song is that it’s like a song mm-hmm and that. Like, this is the way the song sounds. when you listen that back.

No, cause that’s, you’re gonna laugh giving every speech at don’t worry, darling. The way I like wrong. The thing I like about movie is it it’s a movie. Man’s like a movie. Oh my God.

. Okay. Moving on down the list. We are number seven coming in super freaky girl by Nicki Mina. [00:17:00] Hey, I love me some queen Nicki, and I’m so glad she used this sample because this sample was just like, it’s been used, I think like a few times, but she used it the right way person.

This is what sampling is. This is when sampling is done. Right? For real, this is one of the best. Oh, it’s just so good. It’s so good. Yes, absolutely. Like when, oh, I can’t even speak right now because I fucking love that song so much and she did it so well. So also not to mention like, I’m a Nicky fan.

Are you a Nicky fan? I’m a Nick fan. I am a Nicky fan. Like I’m talking from Romans revenge, like era all the way up to now. Like I am a ni I’m a Barb for sure. Oh, no, we could do a whole of it. I just need to dress on Nikki that I am very quiet, but I feel like Maya and Elise have such podcast voices that, oh, I know.

I hundred percent. I know. We’re like jumping on [00:18:00] it so hard. Hey, no, I I’ve been jumping in. I have been, I would just like to clarify. I have been jumping in. Yes, I jumping in, but I’m just saying like, I was a little, I was a little, we’re also like, we’re also like, so passionate about like the certain topics I’m talking about.

Like she was going, she was like post and I’m on it on Nikki. So hear loud scream. It’s probably a lease yeah. Okay, well, now let’s spend another minute on this super freaky girl. Okay. So I, well, I was talking about Nikki. Like Nikki’s had a career y’all like, like she has stuff, you know how people compete on Nikki, all that they want for real, they she’s, they really do for what?

Because her husband, because her husband is a registered sex offender is the queen of Ralph wait, she’s married to him. Her husband is a registered sex offender. Who is her husband? She’s been defending him, even though it like, they went to trial against like the girl. I don’t know. I don’t know his name.

No. That’s that’s card B that’s card. Other toxic bitch. [00:19:00] no Cardi. B’s cool though. I like her. Oh, I love her. She’s straight up, but she’s toxic as hell. She probably is. Yeah. These people it’s so hard because they’re all gonna have done something problematic. But do I like their music? Yes. Yes. That’s where you have to get to the point that you have to differentiate.

Like, is, is that the right word? Is that the right word? D differentiate? Yeah. The art, the art from the artist, right? Differentiate. Is that not what I said? Differentiate. That’s actually a good point. Kiara brought up a good point cuz there’s I know quite a few people that actually don’t support separating the art from the artist, like the art and the artist are one thing.

Okay. See, I, okay. I have a topic about this.

How do you separate the art from the artist in that case scenario? Okay. When do you determine that? Oh, you know what? It’s too much. Like if you look at actors, like hide from 70 show, mm-hmm, all the stuff that he did, but everyone still doesn’t know if it’s true or not, because he’s, he’s not high as fuck.

Exactly. People still think he’s hot and people, people still support him or FES. Now people are trying to cancel him and everything. So you have to get to that point. It’s like, you have to realize is what they did so wrong. I’m not gonna support them [00:20:00] at all. Mm-hmm or am I just gonna, gonna look the other way?

And then it causes the whole, if any male people are watching this, they’re probably gonna be offended by what I had to say. But like, I, yeah, like the same kind of thing goes with like, just any famous people in general and like cancel culture, but like Kobe that’s something, he was. Is known for rape Kobe.

Brian? Yes. Kobe Bryan. What? Oh guys, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Basketball player, basketball player. What famously did basketball player had a rape case that got, you know, like taking care of and he came back and made this big apology. It only happened one time. And like he had granted, he had said like, things have changed.

I haven’t changed all this stuff. So did he admit to this? I think so. I just know it came out and it was dealt with, but like, that’s something I have a really hard time ever forgiving people for like, mm-hmm [00:21:00] no matter how famous they’re it’s like, those kind of things is where I draw the line. See, but you don’t, you didn’t hear that when he passed away, all you heard is he was this great person and his daughter and all this.

And like, even when I would tell my parents, I’m like, well, I still don’t think he was really that great a guy and like. I won’t really be like, upset about him. They’re like, yeah. But like, you know, he tried to do all the things he could and it’s like the same with Kevin Hart. He cheated twice on his wife, came out a public place.

Oh, I remember when that shit hit the fan with him. Okay. The queen shutting. Oh, that’s the whole shutting down. You’re shutting down an entire, what country is it? A country or the continent? They’re shut down. It’s a country country.

So they’re shutting down the entire country. This person was awful. Yeah, absolutely. Down with the monarchy. Oh, no. Down with the monarchy. 100%. Second of all, second of all, like she, what was my sister was giving me list racist, homophobic transphobic. And she, I just, how do you like [00:22:00] mourn a person that was so goddamn off of?

Michael Jackson. Are you kidding? Yeah. See, Michael Jackson, how do you still support? That’s a hard one for me, because I grew up with Michael Jackson’s music and that’s all I ever knew was Michael Jackson’s music. A lot of people are facing this. See, I did not know about the allegations and like the stories until I got older.

Right. See, but you find out stuff like that. Like Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, you have prince prince usher. You’ve got all panic. See that meant I do not sport anymore. I can’t listen to his Gary was a hard one because like I genuinely loved him. Like I, that was probably a hard artist where I had the most like didn’t I was in the most denial about mine was with Liam Payne, actually with just a recent controversy that came up with him. It is stupid, but like at the same time, it’s like, it’s little things that kind of just like, are pushing people over because cancel culture is just so [00:23:00] toxic right now. Right? . Yeah. I don’t know. I’m I’m like thinking about that Michael Jackson one, because yeah. Michael Jackson also had a huge, huge influence on like music today.

Like you still yeah. Hear like, and see a bunch of like culture. Honestly. I think everyone’s so fucked that once someone dies, they just have to like pull the beautiful out of it. And that. I like that. If I was writing a piece, I would write that as my quote, because that was, that was actually really good.

And that goes hand in hand with cancel culture. I was like, you have to just, at the end of the day, you have to draw a line with what you can, what you’re gonna deal with, what you’re just there’s there’s YouTubers that like, I know I’m still subscribed to, but I don’t really watch, like, you wanna talk about people that are really canceled that shouldn’t be Shane Dawson.

Ooh, David, that shouldn’t be no, that shouldn’t no, that are then they’re like, damn like really bad. Shane Dawson, David DOK, all those people still subscribe to him. All brothers. Oh, don’t even get me to start over. I’m still subscribed. Big groom brothers. Oh my God. Don’t even get started on the ACE family.

I [00:24:00] still I’m subscribed to like Shane Dawson still Charles. Let’s not even go into it. Gabby. Hannah, Gabby. I’m actually genuinely scared. I feel so bad for Gabby. Hannah. Yeah. No Gabby. Gabby. Hannah is just a whole, no guys. That’s seriously like a whole nother like podcast topic, mental health,

. Cause you’re documenting serious mental episodes, episodes. Exactly. And everybody Britney Spears, Brittney Spears. Is that the right name?
Spears? Panist. Yeah. Oh my God. Queen downhill. The queen shit Cooney. Who’s that? Who’s that the most known person for anorexia basically. Oh, really? Is that the one, one who did a documentary on her? Because she’s been known her whole career for being this extremely anorexic person. . That’s really bad. That’s really bad. Okay. Well this girl. Yeah. Wait, lemme see. [00:25:00] Oh. Oh gosh. When you said that name, I was like graveyard girl. I don’t know why. No bunny. Yeah. No, I fuck with graveyard girl. She’s perfect. I’m oh my gosh. So no, I was a YouTube child. I think we all were YouTube children.

That’s around the time. My roommate was not, she doesn’t know any of this, this though. How old is she? She’s your age? Oh, really 22. She’s about to, she’s about to be 22. Was she a sheltered child? No, she just. Wasn’t she, she wasn’t like an iPad kid. Oh, one person that was canceled and got UN cancelled Breman rock Breman Breman rock. Breman got canceled. If I’m not mistaken fact, check me if I’m wrong. It was because I think of the James Charles, like him and James Charles.

I remember they did, they did some kind of, they did a collab collab together and I think Breman like snapped off. It was back when James Charles wasn’t canceled. And so all of his little people were trying to cancel B Brett, and then they came back. Now Breman is like, Charles has gotten so many damn people with pencil.

Yeah. But now Breman is like [00:26:00] a really popular person. Like you see him with really big in the gaming community actually right now, like with Val Ray Sao corpse, I watch all of those people. See, that’s like the new generation of YouTube. Let’s make it through this list, please, please.

We’re gonna make it through this list. Number six, we’re number six. Number six is, hold me closer by Elton John and Britney Spears. I did not even know the song’s. I didn’t know that know that they were doing, but that is like an awesome collab. That’s like iconic.

That’s like iconic. That’s not after her whole, like. Constantly. This was recently. Yeah, this is recently. Wow. I saw her posting listen to that one. Yeah. I wanna listen to it. Sorry for the viewers. We’re probably gonna cut this part. You guys won’t get to listen to it. I wanna hear it. Copyright copyright..

I liked that. I liked that I liked the poppy sound like kind of combined with like disco elements.

Like I don’t, so the whole Dua Lipa album don’t get me started on this woman because I think she’s beautiful and I like love her and I wanna see her in concert and I never got to. It’s fine. But I [00:27:00] did love her whole future Noal album. That was bomb. It had pop, it had disco. It had all these different elements in there.

And I think that that like song called me closer was kind of like similar to that. I know her and Elton also did a collab and I really liked that. Am you go Elton John Elton John club? I don’t listen to Duala and I know she’s hot, but I don’t listen to she’s hot. She’s hot. I know. I mean, I know that, but I don’t listen to her music so much.

And like that, that song I’ll, I’ll just say not survive in case they didn’t get it in the music, but yeah, I think it’s a good collab. I think they’re both like icons, but it’s just like, not the kind of music I would listen to. It’s not that expected from, it’s not like it is just disco kind of like it’s like club music.

It’s literally club music. Oh yeah, yeah. But no lyrics really. I see, they were kind of getting into some lyrics. They were getting into his [00:28:00] old lyrics that we’ve already yeah. Like tiny dancer was sampled. It was literally a club remix of tiny dancer, essentially. That’s exactly what it was. . Well, let’s move on. We number five, we have sun roof by Nicky, your and Daisy. I’ve never heard this song, so we all know what song, so song. So a TikTok song.

Wait, why is that in here now? That was relevant, like in the summer, like last summer? No, no, but I feel like that one is used a lot. It’s used a lot on TikTok right now, too. Yeah. Another song that I have not heard.

All the way through and yeah, I haven’t heard . It’s it’s a cute little song. I like it. I feel like there are more songs that become of TikTok artists.

Mm-hmm songs that they put out for the first time, because they got big on TikTok. Yeah. That are for sure more deserving than that song. Yeah. Like there’s one right now called golden hour. And it’s by this guy. I think his, I think it’s pronounced Jake, but his song is going crazy right now. Like everybody is [00:29:00] listening, listening to song.

I do like that song song and I feel like most TikTok songs are like happy and like, like, I don’t know a lot of my background music, a lot of my Spotify playlists is like literally TikTok songs.

It’s so sad. They’re honestly TikTok, but yeah, some of them, no, some of them, like, I like the sadder ones. Do you guys know the surfaces? Yes. Surfaces. Oh my gosh. I love them. I got them from a TikTok song I’m obsessed. I like surfaces. They’re cool. They’re cool. Okay. We’re also gonna have another TikTok song on now coming in at number four is running up that hill a deal with God.

That’s not a TikTok song. That’s a stranger Things song. Yes. OK. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Yeah, I have something to say about this. Wait, it’s not even a new song. It’s a old, fucking song. And Kate Bush is, has been in icon since my sister was in high school. Like the fact that… wait for context, how old’s your sister? In her thirties.

Okay. In her thirties. Oh shit.. So I, I just like, and not because [00:30:00] I knew the song before it was on stranger things, but I have. Always, I don’t know why. I don’t know why I always have a problem with old songs getting popular because they were in like something trending, wait, I feel the same way. I feel the exact same way.

Cause I’ve heard old songs… people freak out like, I’m sorry. I don’t know if you guys wanna understand this, but like Johnny Cash’s hurt was in a movie at one point mm-hmm and or it was trending on TikTok and people will, boom. I’m like this man has been around for so long and I know half of you motherfuckers can’t even stand country music.

So the fact that you’re like, oh my God, this, this version is so good. I’m like, it’s the same. It’s the same thing. Actually I’ve noticed. With a lot of country artists, like their stuff, you know? No one likes country. Yeah. Luke Bryan, Luke Bryan right now has been taken to the LGBT community. Mm-hmm because, well, he’s iconic.

And I love that, man. Oh yes. And he there’s actually like a person that does drag as Luke Bryan. And he thinks it is the funniest thing. And like, he supports them a hundred percent. But as soon as people find out he’s a country [00:31:00] artist. They’re like… people are the most closed minded about country music.

Yeah most people who say they don’t like country music have haven’t even listened. Listen to country music. They’re listening to the new country. Only talking modern. They’re not talking like when they say all sounds the same. I’m like, would you say that about all rap?.

One of the last … That’s like, if I said that about it. One of the last good country songs, I think I heard was florida Georgia line when they collabed with Luke Bryan. Other than that, like, I haven’t heard anything good since then. Well, that’s like, yeah, that’s modern. Exactly. I haven’t heard, I really like, I like the old stuff, old country, like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood.

Hello? Can we have some more Luke Bryan up in there? Garth Brooks! Garth Brooks. Anyway, this is, yeah, but like touching, giving country music, some light for sure. Not saying that this song should not be in the Billboard charts. I have my own reservations about this whole thing. Oh, really… About the song? Because well, about the song and then about the whole [00:32:00] situation, because.

When this song came out on TikTok, it was trending because of stranger things. Right? Like sharing everything. I think Sadie Sink’s, scene? Did it have something to do with Sadie Sink? Oh, do… have you not watched stranger things? I haven’t. Okay. This is why, because when this was getting popular, I was getting around to watching the show.

Oh. And I didn’t wanna watch it anymore because I saw so many videos of this stupid song. That’s a whole other topic. Yes. Oh my gosh. I feel that way about almost every new movie now. Yes. Because it gets like, I’ve never watched game of Thrones. I’ve never seen shame… like I’ve not seen so many big shows.

We get so exposed to the media, …so over hyped and spoiled online that I was like, I know the whole show now. Why would I sit down and watch the whole thing? Right. Essentially. Yeah. Watch the whole that’s actually, everybody puts in their like input online before you even get around to watch it. See, but that’s how I also feel like some artists are getting like The like Bieber.

I don’t like him, but Justin Bieber gets canceled like every other day. And then like, you see like artists it’s like, you guys said, [00:33:00] it goes back to cancel culture being like, so freaking toxic that they’re gonna cancel everything or we’re gonna get over exposed to so much stuff. Like, we’re getting things that are coming out. We should be excited for. People are like, overexposing it so much that by the time we get around to watching it, we don’t wanna watch it.

It’s like people leaking stuff too thing, I know they’re being all sly, but I’m like, they’re just ruining the whole thing that they put together. And I feel like… timing it perfectly. I’ve always been that way even like in elementary school. Like, do you remember when the divergent books came out? Yeah. Yes. So like

I, everybody was talking about this freaking book series that I was like, you know what?

I’m not even gonna fucking read this shit anymore. I’m done. I everybody’s talking about it. I’ve heard the whole damn story. I got lucky for hunger games. Cuz I got to hunger games before people started talking about, but that is why I have never read Hunger Games and I’ve never read Percy Jackson series.

I’ve never read Harry Potter because my sister, so my sister was so obsessed with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, she made it her whole entire personality. Yeah. Why am I gonna read it? When all I hear is her going off all, all you hear about [00:34:00] it’s like, I’m sorry, I need a break. And it’s the same thing with this song. Like if I like everybody’s using it every single TikTok, like no matter what it is, like it’s literally like food and people are putting this song. Especially if it’s the same 15, second clip of the song.

Yeah, about the other thing with Kate Bush is she was saying like, when this song came out and when her music was coming out, she was ridiculed because it was different. It was abstract, but now it’s like, you know, popular.

And like, people like it. And I don’t know if she said she was really upset about it, but I think it’s just something… I don’t think I don’t honestly, as an artist for not to think about point of view. I don’t think I would be upset about it. I think I’d just be really confused and I’d be like, so is this the best time to start putting out the music?

And I think it is. Yeah, honestly, that’s a good point because I saw concert this past year mother, mother, and they’re kind of… they, they weren’t, they were around before TikTok, but they had songs viral on TikTok when it like first came out. Yeah. And when I went to their concert, they like thanked the crowd.

Like thank you guys for making our [00:35:00] band, like, be popular again. And like, we’re able to do this because you guys like love the songs, the music so much and have been sharing it so much. I’m like, that was actually really cool. Yeah. That is cool. Especially cuz I had listened to them before TikTok mm-hmm so I didn’t feel like I was a newbie.

Right. You’re like, I’ve been here, but like I’ve been here, but I respect it, right? Yeah. Yeah. So nothing against Kate Bush or like any of the music she makes. I just am so tired of hearing it on TikTok. It’s the same line. Yeah. Okay, well, continuing on at number three, we’re almost in we have about damn time by Lizzo. Oh period. I freaking love this song. Lizzo should be in the top three.

Yeah, for sure. It’s what she deserves. About damn time. I, I love Lizzo wholeheartedly.

She’s probably one of my favorite artists at the moment, but about damn time has just been overplayed. Yeah, exactly. It’s been a little, it’s another Tik Tok song. So her other songs on that album though, are phenomenal. Yeah. Play the other songs that she made! This song, this song is a good [00:36:00] song, but you have to listen to it.

In its entirety. Yeah. If you listen to the entire song. So if yeah, cuz that’s how you get on the Billboard. I think you have to listen to the entire song if I’m not mistaken. Yeah. I haven’t, I haven’t gotten tired of it cuz I haven’t listened to it so much. And I also like … when I do listen to it, I listen to the whole thing. Exactly you listen to the whole song and then you’re fine.

But when you just hear the it’s, like you said, it’s like with Kate Bush, you just hear the same loop over and over again. Right. And it’s just exhausting. Like yeah. I feel like stuff like that needs to happen for the artists to get traction though, because, I mean, she started that dance. Yeah. On Tik Tok. So actually I think it was a girl named Jaeden Gomez.

Yeah. It was Jaeden Gomez, but then… she started the specific dance. Yeah. But she started dancing to the song first, first, and then that girl created like a whole choreography. Right. Dance and then Lizzo did it, so, okay. I just wish like the song special on the album was getting as much love as about damn time. Yeah.

Because that song, like, you can tell, she put her heart and soul into and it’s deep and it’s got meaning to her. Mm-hmm and it’s like a [00:37:00] much more like, like she’s saying something in that song. Not that she’s not saying something and about damn time, but that’s more like upbeat and dancy, but I’m like, the other song is so good.

Yeah. Yeah. And it’s not getting as much attention. Yeah. I think that whole album deserves a lot of attention. It’s so good. It’s really, really good. All of her albums. It’s really, really good for sure. I think Lizzo is definitely one of those artists. Like, I feel like there’s certain artists in our generation that it’s gonna be like, oh my God.

And like a few years, why did couldn’t I be live with a generation? Like with this, I feel like Lizzo, probably Harry Styles, posty, Doja a lot of people that like, are like that we talk about like mostly in the media, they’re gonna be why

our kids or our kids’ kids are gonna be like, oh my God, do you remember like the 2020s?

Like when they were making music, like, I wish I was around at that time. It’s just like so weird that we’re like listening to people like that. Mm-hmm . Yeah. Honestly, now that you say that my mom says this all the time, because I’m a big Billie fan, but…Billie Eilish? Yeah, I can’t believe Billie Eilish has not come up this whole time.[00:38:00]

So that’s what I was gonna say. Like, my mom brings this up all the time because I always play her music and I rave about it and she was like, she, not that their comparison in category or… that any sort of way, but she always thinks that Billie’s gonna be like our generation’s Elvis, like…Oh! Oh, that’s as like much of an impact on music.

Oh, I’ve got, I’ve got like, cuz I, even when she first said it, I would question her. They’re like, they’re not at all comparable. Interesting… really… but I think the way cuz her… Elvis is her favorite artist, like top idol of all time. And it is maybe just the way I talk about Billie. Yeah… she’s like, I could see her having the same legacy basically.

Oh, okay. See, when you put it like that, I could see that,

Yeah. I, I was gonna say she’s one of the artists that I started listening to when she put out her first song first… yeah…put it out ocean eyes. I remember when… I remember when ocean eyes first came out and I was just kinda like, I was like, this isn’t like my [00:39:00] cup of tea. It was weird. And I remember like one of my biggest regrets will always be for not hopping on the Billie Eilish bandwagon when I had a chance.

So now I’m late to the game. Yeah, no, she’s so good. I do fear for her though. I do fear for her because like, she’s got such a huge fan base now. And like it’s like with the big fan base comes like more tours, more media, more everything, and like more demand for her. And so I just don’t want her to get burnt out.

She’s very talented and I think she has a lot more to deliver. She’s playing… for sure. Huge venues. She, she really is. She’s gonna go places like for sure she is already going… she’s already gone places. She’s got an Oscar. Yeah. She’s won almost everything… multiple Grammys. I wanna know your guys’ opinions on Olivia Rodrigo. Oh my God.

I cannot believe we haven’t even talked about her yet. I like Olivia Rodrigo and I know she gets a lot hate and I kind of see in your face that you’re [00:40:00] kind of… I don’t know if you’re not like a big fan of her. No, I’m just hearing your guys’ opinion. I really like her. And however, then Joshua Bassett and Sabrina, of course it has to come up.

Yes. The… she… I think as an artist, she’s great. And I think as an actor, she has potential. However, when you see someone that they’re getting death threats, right? Put your pettiness aside, right. And tell your fans to fucking stop. Say something like, because the fact that they met up at the high school musical thing… You guys are forgetting that these people are managed and have their life signed over to certain companies that they have a manager and they’re not allowed to say stuff like that… but she’s also 16 years old when this happened she’s 16?

She was no, she was 17. That’s still one year. No, I know, but she was almost 18. She released Driver’s License when she was about 16. Oh my God. Wow. The Olivia Rodrigo has really been for that long. I mean, she was a child when all of this was happening. She, she was a child and I will say, I am a big fan of Olivia Rodrigo because I was watching her, like I followed her on Instagram [00:41:00] forever.

I followed her when she was on Bizardvark. I followed her career since then. Yeah. So I’ve been seeing all of her like posts where she just sings songs. Does covers does her own original music and posts like little snippets of it when she got so, like, I remember when she posted driver’s license, like a little snippet, or I think there was another song that she posted as well.

What was it? She… I know what song you’re talking about. It never got published itself. Never got, yeah. It’s that one that you can always find like on TikTok and yeah, he like commented on it and yeah, he was like, I really like the song. Yeah. And it’s messy. That girl is so talented. Like she does so much that she’s gonna be one of those people that’s really gonna burn out young.

I can already see it because yeah. She’s gotten so big in just the few years that Sour has been out, like, like… she’s gonna burn out. She gives me the same vibes as Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, her, her career very much, I think, parallels Taylor swift… taylor swift… Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Taylor swift blew the fuck up just like she did.

Right. And with the breakup songs, I could see her going the same route as Taylor swift. And I [00:42:00] hope that she doesn’t because Taylor swift has

that bad rap with just dating men. Yeah. And I really hope that it doesn’t go the same way for Olivia. I don’t see her career blowing up as big as Taylor’s Swift.

Really? She’s got some, I don’t know… she’s sold out so fast. She’s already, she’s at this point in Taylor’s career… she was out like putting out more music. Yeah but… She’s put out one album, like… she’s put out one album and look at how much popularity and traction she’s already got. Yeah. She has the same amount of like…

traction as Harry styles does right now. You know what? She’s right. And he has three albums. Yeah. Harry styles has the three albums and still has the five years he was in One Direction. One direction. Yeah. I think that Olivia will be because you have Olivia, she gets noticed by Billie Eilish, like Bieber, Harry styles freaking what, who did she just perform with?

Billy, Billy Joel, Billy Joel just performed, just performed with Billy Joel and like pointed at him for the iconic line. I think that she will be as big as Taylor swift, because even then she’s said how Taylor swift, she wants to be like Taylor swift one day. [00:43:00] Whether that is like, why she’s going the specific route.

She is that’s up to her and her management. But I think that she will be as big as Taylor swift one day, but I don’t think she’ll get any bigger. I think Taylor swift is one of those names. You’re either gonna match her, but I don’t think you’ll ever get above her. I will say, I think one of the things that I connected with most with Olivia is Olivia is a lyricist.

This girl like knows how to put feelings into words. And I think that’s what made me connect with her music. Is that like, at the time I, when this album came out y’all I was going through a breakup, like I, my heart got broken. And so I think… It spoke to me. If you relate to it, like I’ve not been through a breakup, like she was experiencing I love Sour don’t get me wrong..

I think the album is fantastic, but I also, I don’t follow her as much as other people and I’m not super closely following her life and like that kind of stuff. Oh, no, I don’t. I don’t. I only was following during the time that Sour was released . Okay. I see. Yeah. Since then I’ve like, I [00:44:00] don’t pay attention. So the question remains… when she drops the second album, will you be listening?

Oh yeah. No, like I’m not saying I don’t like her. I just didn’t really see her. From my perspective, cuz I wasn’t following so close. I just didn’t see her as big

as Taylor swift, because I was a huge Swifty and that was… oh, I see. Fair enough. Fair enough. Okay.

We’re almost done. Almost done. Two more. I don’t think we’re gonna get to the Emmy stuff tonight. Number two, number two is bad habit by Steve Lacy. And I love me Steve Lacy. No, yeah. Let’s get into this. No, for real. I too love Steve Lacy and also only kind of recently got into him when bad habit came out, came out because the only song I had heard before that was the, Tik Tok one where it’s like something bad’s about to happen to me.

That one where it says that? I don’t know why I’m blanking. I don’t know why I’m blanking, but I feel like I know what you’re talking about .

I will say… Let me just look at my Spotify I bite my tongue it’s a bad habit. I freaking love this song, I’ll find it. I mean, if we’re [00:45:00] talking about… Dark Red! Ohhh! Why did I not know that… I know Dark Red. The only song before bad habit came out, that I knew was dark red.

And I had only started listening to it like even recently, but then Bad Habit came out and I was like, this is my new favorite song, I think right now, like I was listening to it nonstop then what Gemini, the album came out. I think that’s what it’s called. Gemini Rights that one came out and and Static came out.

And what was the other one? There was another one. Okay. Now it sounds like there’s a bunch of people out there. Anyways. The more he’s releasing, the better his music gets and the more and more I like him as an artist. The first song I ever heard by Steve Lacy was Playground. Okay. Work. I love that song. Yeah, for sure. I think he’s a great artist.

I think his new stuff just keeps getting better. It’s trendy. Mm-hmm I think I think this song absolutely deserves to be number 2. Yeah. Oh, it makes so much sense. It’s very good. It’s [00:46:00] also got a lot of, like, it’s got a lot of blends. Like there’s different elements that Steve Lacy has in his music.

Like it’s not just like one genre solely. It’s a mix of all these different genres. It’s like a surprise in each song. Yeah, absolutely. He, he has something. Great artist. something about it. Great artist, for sure. Yeah. Alrighty. And the one we’ve all been waiting for… number one is As It Was by Mr. Harry Styles.

Wait, are we surprised? He’s been in the billboard top. I think like he’s been number one for…since it came out. I really am gonna say this and y’all are gonna hate me. No, get out before you even say it. I already know what you’regonna say. I… am not a big fan of Harry Styles. I really am not. I thought you were gonna say you hate the song you know oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I, hold on, let me, let me explain myself because I do listen to Harry’s Styles’ music. It’s the same effect [00:47:00] as when there’s so much publicity about Harry, that I don’t wanna get into him as much. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, I totally get it. I, I will listen to his album one time, all the way through.

I’ll develop my opinion on it and I’ll be on my way. I won’t really listen to it ever again. Yeah, no I get it. So you know what, as someone that’s a big Harry Styles fan, I get that. I just actually introduce my boyfriend to it because he was the same way. Didn’t wanna listen to it. He’s like you talk on and on about Harry’s house.

I don’t wanna listen to him. And I said, just give it a chance. And he listened to Harry’s house and he liked it. His favorite song actually, I think was music for a sushi restaurant and little freak. So he has taste. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But. Like you, a lot of people don’t wanna listen to Harry styles because all you hear, I mean, he’s everywhere nowadays.

The modeling. Yeah. He’s doing Gucci. He’s got music. He’s taking over the Marvel universe and he’s gonna be in star wars now. If it was someone else, I like, you know, if it was someone… yeah. If it was someone else, I… there’s so many other people, I feel the exact same way. See, here’s the thing, here’s the thing I can respect that Harry styles [00:48:00] is so overhyped.

I get that. Oh yeah. That’s what I’m saying. I have been here since 2010. Yeah. This man has a grip on me. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. So I’ll defend him to the ends of the earth. But do I admit that he is overhyped and that watermelon sugar is a fucking trash song? Yes. There are so many other people just as overhyped as him that I could despise mm-hmm… so I totally get it.

Yeah. I totally like, I think that’s just what it is for me. I don’t hate him as a person. His music is great. I will listen to it one time though. And I, like I said, I’m gonna be on my way. I, if it comes on, I’m not gonna be mad, but I’m also not going to be going and looking for a Harry Styles song. Like that is just my opinion, I think he’s doing amazing things for like… but he is, he is doing great things.

He’s totally, totally… his shows are great. If we’re talking about that one… real men bring back manly men that whole entire, like he, yeah. And he didn’t mean

to bring on movement, but he [00:49:00] did mm-hmm and I think that he that’s why I like him so much, because he is so authentic in himself. I don’t like the fake shit.

I don’t like how you’re gonna be like nice to your fans. Yeah. And then you turn around and you’re like spitting on your fans. Bieber. But Harry, he’s very like authentic. He’s gonna tell you like, Hey, no pictures today, or he’s gonna be honest, but he always puts his fans first. And you really don’t see that in the music world, that much, it’s all about them making the money.

Can I like, can I say something? This is just like a thought and this could, this is just like a random thought. Okay. With Harry, like with other artists, I… don’t get me wrong. I love Harry. I have an obsession, but with other artists, I feel a little bit more connected to, even if I don’t listen to them and follow them as much.

With Harry, even though he’s everywhere, I don’t really feel like I know him. Mm-hmm like, okay. I could, like, I feel like I could read everything about him, know [00:50:00] everything about his life, but I’m like, he feels more like an anomaly and like not a real person.

. Well, I was gonna say, I think I know what Ellice is feeling because Brittany Broski kind of, kind of talked about this. She said she didn’t wanna meet Harry styles because she put him up on like… that was her hero for so long. And you know, when, like you feel like… That’s just the saying never meet your idols.

That’s true. Like, she did say that, but I also feel like she probably was like, I don’t wanna meet him as a person because like, then everything that I like think about him and like… I just can’t believe he’s a real fucking person. I think that’s what it is. He’s just one of those people where I just can’t grasp it.

Like truly like anything I see him in I’m just like, you don’t seem real. What? You don’t seem real. He has a really toxic fan base and I really wish he didn’t for as big as he is. But one thing I don’t like about any artist, I, I mess around, I mess around, but I’m never gonna actually… I talk about Doja cat, but she’s pretty much the only person I’m like, oh my God, please like, step on me.

I don’t like how Harry styles, his fans [00:51:00] sexualize him. I know people personally that will be like, oh my God, I want just wanna sleep with him. . Like that’s, that’s disgusting. I am obsessed. And I think he’s the hottest man, but I never think about sex. Exactly. I think he’s gorgeous.

Like his cheekbones, his dimples gorgeous, man, God took his… God took his time on him. God took his time on him, but like, I don’t see like why you’re gonna, you’re not gonna sexualize a woman don’t turn around and do it to a man.

Yeah. Well, and it’s also like the whole thing with like, it’s okay to do to guys, but it’s not it isn’t, it’s not. Yeah, but like it’s such an, old mindset to be in that, a lot of people still feel, yeah, we should wrap this up. So like final thoughts on the, on Harry and then final thoughts. I kind of figured we weren’t gonna get to like the Emmy’s, but you know what? This was actually a pretty productive podcast. I know. Yeah. For like for the, for the listeners, it’s literally… oh shit.

Yeah. It’s literally 12:04 in the morning. So I mean, technically this is literally late, this is late night talks, [00:52:00] late night talking for real, and we are on campus as well. So like… Yeah.

You guys. My mom doesn’t believe I’m on campus anymore. She told me to send her a picture.

We’re good on Harry. That’s a whole other subject. If you wanna know more about Harry check out our website it’s dedicated to Harry Styles. we have a whole entire Harry styles edition courtesy of the runner staff from last semester.

It’s like kinda… so final thoughts about the top 10. I, you know, I think it’s like, it makes more sense for people to listen to the radio, but I do not listen to the radio. Yeah. I definitely listen. Does anyone listen to the radio? There’s a lot, parents listen to the radio. There are people that do, but I… it’s like what billboard top 10 is though.

It’s radio hits. I don’t think billboard top 10… I got my car in February and I don’t think I’ve ever turned on the radio. I only use my car play. I use, yeah. I use Spotify, Spotify, Spotify, Spotify as well. Cloud sometimes SoundCloud, Hey, we can’t be sleeping on SoundCloud. The unreleased songs. Yeah. SoundCloud is that is true.

. I know. Yeah. That’s a piece. So should we have a spot where like [00:53:00] we have people like send in topics that they want us to talk about? Oh! Possibly? Yeah. They can do that on the website, on the website, on our E new. Subscribe to the runner.

Yeah. So if you have something that you want us to talk about or anything subscribe to us on Twitter, tweet us on Twitter. You can also send us a request .

Did I say tweet? You said subscribe to us on Twitter, subscribe, follow us on Twitter.

Or you also could message us DM us on the runner. The run comment on Instagram, DM, Instagram, and please, don’t forget to follow us on all of those socials. And please don’t forget to check us out on our website, the runner online, as we said, if you’re on the campus, you can pick up our edition in our news racks and keep an eye out for those little zines that we’ll be making pretty soon.

Hopefully. Yes, absolutely. And until next time runners catch ya later. Bye. Bye[00:54:00]

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