ASI discusses their future plans and goals for the 2022 fall semester. 

Teresa Balmori Perez, News Reporter

Illustration by Silvia Catarino/The Runner

The presidents of Associated Students Inc. have discussed their future plans and goals for the 2022 fall semester. They discussed certain topics regarding students’ involvement, events, advising issues, and voter registration acknowledgment.  

According to Executive Vice President Maria Espinoza, she would want to help students transition from online learning to in-person learning by creating events for students to feel more involved in school. Espinoza explained that ASI recently had a voter registration event that helped include CSUB students.  

“Creating events like that, bringing food to campus, just kind of returning to how it was. I think that’d be really great because a lot of students missed out on that college experience of, you know, attending Runner Hour and things like that. As well, I think informing students,” Espinoza said.  

Espinoza explained that she would also want to collaborate with different departments around campuses in order to work together on events and committees within ASI. She plans to do this by meeting with certain divisions such as, the athletics department, campus programming, Students Recreation Center, The School of Business and Public Administration, and Student Center for the School of Arts and Humanities.  

In order to get more people involved, Espinoza plans to inform students about the different programs and clubs such as Leaders Engaging in Advocacy and Development, Judicial Council, and Lobby Corps that are open to any student at CSUB.   

According to Espinoza, ASI will go around campus to first year seminar classes and presenting to students on what ASI is and the different programs they have to offer. They also plan to spread their message through digital and physical flyers.  

Similar to Espinoza, Vice President of Finance Julissa Chavana said she would also want to build more connections with different clubs and organizations. 

 “I think really interacting with the students I am representing and advocating through ASI is super important,” Chavana said.  

According to Chavana, she hopes to improve the gap between students and research. Since there has been an in-person learning transition, many students don’t know about the many resources that CSUB has to offer.  

Vice President of Legislative Affairs Ignasio Castillo plans to engage more students on civic engagements such as voter registration and voter knowledge for the November midterm elections. He also plans to advocate on issues that students have been facing including mental health issues, housing and food insecurity, and financial aid systems.  

President and CEO Carson Vollmer also shared his goals for ASI. According to Vollmer, he wants to make sure students feel welcomed and celebrated around campus. He also wants to ensure that students get help with advising concerns and lack of food options, and to bring more diversity and belongingness on campus.  

The presidents later went on to discuss certain issues around CSUB. According to Vollmer and Espinoza, advising has been an issue that needs to be resolved quickly.  

“Holds is definitely a big one. Students have holds and they don’t know who to contact, which is why I think spreading resources and information is important,” Espinoza said.  

“[Advising] is something that is currently being looked at actively that will hopefully be improved soon,” Vollmer said.  

As for the Vice President of Campus Life Ramneet Dhillon, she would want to get more students involved in events by listening to their opinions on what events they want to see happen during Runner Hour. 

“I want to be able to talk to students and get their feedback not only on the different events that are happening on campus, but also what we can change and bring to the campus,” Dhillon said.  

For future events, ASI will be holding Runner Hour every Wednesday from 12 to1 p.m., Loteria Night on Oct. 6 at 5 to 7 p.m. in the Student Union Multipurpose Room, voter registration events, and Community Conversations.  

“We are always looking for what the students want and are interested in, so I hope all students do not hesitate to reach out and let us know,” Vollmer said.