Athlete Spotlight: Curtis Threlkeld


photo of Curtis Threlkeld

Madalyn Powers, Sports Editor

For Cal State Bakersfield runner Curtis Threlkeld, he began running track and field at the age of ten to help him stay out of trouble. He began by running many events from the one hundred meter dash to running long distance in the eight hundred. He then started specializing in the 800 and an athletic college career blossomed. 

While at CSUB he has won Conference titles in 2018 and 2019 and has hopes to do it again in the 2022 season. Another goal for this season, hitting the school record which he is only .03 seconds off from doing so.  

The life of Curtis Threlkeld is a very busy one as he manages to be a full time credential student, 8th grade science teacher, and student athlete creating many 12 hour days. With such a busy schedule it limits the ability for a social life, but Threlkeld exclaimed that staying creative, enjoying the ride, and keeping it fun helps with the balance of it all. 

With his track and field experience coming to an end soon he is looking forward to the future. For Threlkeld that includes giving back to the community, in particular Oildale and coaching Track and Field.