The Rundown with Melisa Magaña: Ep. 2

Melisa Magaña, Podcaster

February 22, 2022 episode of The Rundown with Melisa Magaña.

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Music Credits:

Intro and outro Song –
Talk to Me
Written By Michael Thomas Geiger
Performed By Mikey Geiger

Sports Song –
Tore Up
Performed By Aaron Sprinkle


Hello runners. I hope you guys are having a great day. Welcome to the second episode of the rundown by the runner on air. I am your host, Melisa Magaña and let’s get started with this week’s rundown.

When applying for a job, we always want to be professional as possible to impress our employers. But sometimes it tends to get a little bit difficult and stressful when we cannot find the perfect wording. If you will like to improve your writing skills, come join the engagement center. This Thursday, February 24th, through a zoom call events. This event will begin at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. If you’re interested in this event, you will need to sign up by logging into handshake go to events, click on the workshop and register to receive the link.

Don’t forget that we have a weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinic pop-up come to the Albertson room. This Wednesday, February 23rd, between 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. To get your COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters. The clinic is open for students, staff, and general public walk-ins are accepted and you’re totally welcome to make an appointment via my No charges will be required. It’s totally free.

This Friday, February 25th, come and join the drive-in movie and celebration of black history month. Hosted by campus programming, this event will begin from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The location is not announced yet, but feel free to visit @csubprogramming on Instagram to receive any updates throughout this week about the event.

It’s game time!

Come support our baseball team for this week’s games. On Wednesday, February 23rd, we will be playing against Saint Mary’s. And on Friday 25th and Saturday 26, we will be playing against Kansas State. All three games will begin at 6:00 PM and, and end at 9:00 PM at the Hardt field. Let’s have a good time and support our baseball team.

Continue what sports we have. Awesome news. The Hardt will be getting upgraded. Thanks to the donations of the Brynum family. Their donations will be used for wall padding, so we’ll create a much safe game area. This is not the first time that the Brynum family has gave such a great donation to our campus. They have contributed many times to help improve our campus for many years. Thank you so much for your donations, and for caring for CSUB alumni. We’re very grateful for your continued support.

Remember that CSUB cares about students and staff, academics, carrier path, and physical and mental health. That’s why they have created a free platform that will help you have easy access to topics of your interests that will help you stay motivated. You can access this app at the CSUB website. All you will need is your CSUB email to create a profile.

This past fall CSUB celebrated its 50th anniversary. This year-long celebration ended with an also commemoration with the burial of a time capsule, which contained items from students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Some of the objects that were collected were presidents, coins, fifth-anniversary pennants, letters, and even COVID-19 vaccination cards. This capsule will be burned at the end of this academic year and will be reopened 50 years from now. The viewing of these items is available at the CSUB historical center at the Stiern Library.

And that will conclude this week’s rundown. Thank you so much for listening to this week’s podcast episode of the rundown by The Runner on Air. Make sure to visit our website to stay updated with any important events, dates, or stories about our campus. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media, which are also linked on the runner Thank you once again. And may you have an awesome day full of success.