Athlete Spotlight: Pole Vaulter Julianne Finch


Photo by CSUB Athletics Alyssa Shannon

David Mendoza, Sports Reporter

One of the best pole vaulters at CSU Bakersfield Julianne Finch sits down to discuss the current season and her accomplishments throughout her career as a Runner. Finch is a graduate student currently pursuing her master’s degree in business and has accepted a position to work for Target.  

When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in track she shared about her parents supporting her in any sport she did but recalls her mom telling her to find something that she loves to do. This is when Finch found track and field as a sport she loved competing in and continued her journey all through high school and college.  

Finch was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA so when looking for a school to compete at the collegiate level she saw CSUB as the best choice for herself.  

“When I was looking for colleges in high school they seemed like the best opportunity for me and since I have been here I have fallen in love with the school and the people. They have become a family to me.”  

During this current season Julianne Finch accomplished a personal best with a mark of 12 – 11 1/2 at the Pomona-Pitzer invite in Claremont, CA. This places her as the second best of all time in the CSUB record books. This was a career high for her as the 2020 season of track and field was canceled and also the fact that she was coming back from an ankle injury. Finch had torn a ligament in her ankle that set her back but was lucky enough that it was early in the season and was able to get a medical redshirt from it.  

As Finch focuses on the championships coming up this month she states, “Right now I am just going into working on my mental self and just trusting in the process of all the hard work we have put into getting ready for championships, so hopefully I can pop a big one and also possibly metal.”  

Finch currently is ranked 50th on the rankings for Women’s Pole vaulting and is looking to place in the top 48 to make it to the NCAA West Regionals that will be hosted in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Be on the lookout for this Runner and she looks to leave her mark at the Big West championships on May 13.