Alan Collatz adapts to changes as coach

CSUB track coaches

photo of CSUB track coaches

Madalyn Powers, Sports Editor

For Coach Alan Collatz his start in Track and Field started in his college days as a thrower himself. He never planned on coaching but instead going into Pharmaceutical Sales. It was not until the previous head Coach, Charlie Craig, asked Collatz to become head coach in Fall 1987.   

The biggest difference the last 35 years has held in his coaching career, the amount of distraction.  

As Collatz explained, “Young people are going to be young people.”  

When he first began coaching in the 80’s and 90’s there were far less distractions. There was no social media, and very few computers. This has also been part of the excitement for him when it comes to coaching. Moving forward and adapting to the changes of the world. Evolving and having to change his coaching style and approach when needed.  

When asked where Collatz sees the department growing he emphasized the need to increase the amount of players.  

“Finding more hard working athletes that buy into the program.”  

The need for the program to grow and continue to develop. For Collatz this is his favorite part about coaching; watching the athlete develop both athletically and as people.We’ve had a historic program and it will just get better.  

As for his group of athletes right now, he could not praise them enough.  

“One of the most talented groups I’ve had in the last 10 years,” Collatz exclaimed.