A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once is a cinematic masterpiece worth watching


Everything Everywhere All at Once film poster

Gisselle Gamez, Opinions Writer

Hot dog hands, an IRS monster, an evil daughter, and a multiverse of endless probabilities. This film is packed with all of the twists and turns you can imagine, as well as many scenes that will touch your heart. One of the main themes in the movie is the potential struggles in mother-daughter relationships. 

It follows an immigrant mother and wife, Evelyn Wang played by Michelle Yuoh, who is also the owner of a laundromat. Her daughter Joy, played by Stephanie Hsu, is in the closet about her sexuality and struggles to maintain a bond with her mother due to her strict and non-accepting ways.  

Evelyn and her husband have an appointment with an IRS agent, played by Jamie Lee Curtis,  to situate the laundromat finances. The laundromat is struggling, and as a result, so are Evelyn’s relationships with her husband and daughter. 

In the elevator, Evelyn first discovers that there is a parallel universe due to her husband who is possessed by him from a different universe.  

In this other universe, Evelyn is not married to the man who is her husband in the universe she knows, the IRS worker is an evil monster, and her daughter is a vengeful and all-powerful being.  

The colors and picture in this film is such a pleasure to watch. The screen moves quickly from scene to scene. There are many satisfying fight scenes throughout the film that left me with my jaw on the floor. 

Although the film is mostly action, the overall meaning behind it left me teary-eyed, This film is one of the best I’ve ever seen due to the intense action scenes combined with the emotion behind it all. As a daughter of immigrant parents, the story of the Wang family left me touched. Evelyn Wang is doing her best to maintain the family business to keep the family afloat, completely disregarding her relationship with her daughter and husband.  

Her journey to another universe makes her realize what is most important. The symbolism behind each character in the multiverse makes her journey and realization all more fascinating to see unravel.  

Aside from being action-packed and emotional, the film also includes lots of comedy. In one of the universes, Evelyn and everyone around her has sausages for fingers. They communicate differently and rely heavily on their sausage fingers to show affection. It is an odd sight to see, but quite hilarious.  

This unique film was created and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. It  literally has a little bit of everything, making it so different from anything I’ve ever seen. 

“The fact that so many people are able to watch this movie where we have butt plug trophy fights and rock scenes that make you cry…we made it for us and the weirdos in the world that we knew we connect with,” said Daniel Kwan in an interview with Marshall Shaffer for Slant.com. The fact that ‘butt plug’ and ‘cry’ are used in the same sentence tells you all you need to know about the film. 

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you’re missing out. It will make you laugh, gasp and cry. This film is a true masterpiece.