Womens’ Golf: Where It’s Headed


photo of Tiffanie Yabut

Madalyn Powers, Sports Editor

After starting the season on their own turf Coach Yabut couldn’t ask for a better team. With this being her first season at CSU Bakersfield and a shift from Division 1 to Division 2 she was ready and excited for the challenge. When asked about the challenges they face this season she discussed the need to change the standard of the program to turn it into what the players want it to be. Which begins with working up the leaderboard. 

When discussing her  team she couldn’t exclaim more about how lucky she was to have such hard working girls not only on the turf  but great people off of it.  But as Yabut states that the, “Players are committed to this team and putting in the hard work.” When thinking about short term goals she brought up how they have the talent,now it’s just the process of changing the culture and standard of the program with their work ethic. As for long term goals, the goal is always to become the powerhouse program that lands them in the postseason.  

With only two tournaments under their belt this season two players have already stood out to Coach Yabut; Gillian Galicia and Aufa Rachmadya. For Aufa, Yabut spoke about her determination and grit throughout the first two tournaments while also showing a lot of consistency. Richmadya has also shown great leadership. For Galicia she has been consistent with decent rounds and came out second in the Valley Invitational.