Monthly Runner Walk & Talk


Canva graphic by Marlene Garcia/The Runner (with CSU Bakersfield logo)

Adeli Arvizu, Staff Writer

CSU Bakersfield held their monthly Runner Walk and Talk on Tuesday April 19 via Zoom.  

The meeting highlighted the university’s first symposium about sustainability and climate action that will be on Friday, April 22 at 9a.m. A tree planting ceremony will also occur the same day on campus at 10 a.m.  

“The conference will address sustainability issues that affect the valley, in particular, air quality, water, waste, and transportation,” said CSUB President Lynnette Zelezny. Both events are part of CSUB’s Earth Day celebration for the week. 

Commencement for graduating students was also a topic of discussion and Zelezny reminded everyone that it is only five weeks away. Some students had questions regarding more details about graduation. Senior Specialist of Commencement and Academic Affairs, Dina Ebeling, explained that currently safety protocols for graduations have not yet been established but will be decided three weeks before commencement.  

She went on to say that students can RSVP for commencement and that the deadline is on Tuesday, April 26. Ebeling warned students that tickets have not been made available for purchase yet and therefore they should not trust anyone who is claiming to sell graduation tickets, as it has come to her attention that students have recently been in this situation. She also emphasized that it is against the school’s policy to sell any tickets requested for guests. 

“We are excited to announce that we are going to host the Runner Nights concert,” said Assistant Dean of Student Integrity and Well-being, Emily Poole Callahan. “We have been on a few year hiatus but we are back.” The performing artist will not be announced until May 3 on the Student Union patio and the event will take place on May 19.  

A student asked if alumni are allowed to attend, in which Callahan explained that graduates from the previous two years will be contacted to participate in the event since they were not able to before. She went on to say that it is $20 for students and past alumni. Students left comments attempting to guess the performing artist and expressed their excitement for the return of the event.  

Right before the meeting reached its end, a question was asked about whether or not future Walk and Talk meetings will continue to be held virtually for the fall semester. Zelezny responded that it will most likely be virtual since there is a favorable amount of people who join the meetings and it is easier for students and faculty to attend.  

The last Runner Walk and Talk of the semester will take place on Wednesday, May 11 on Zoom.