Roadrunner Baseball Player Makes School History


Photo of Andrew Allanson

Nick Lopez, Sports Writer

There is one player that has been making some waves in the college baseball world and that is the Roadrunners’ designated hitter—Andrew Allanson. Allanson, a redshirt freshman, was named the Big West player of the week. Allanson was coming off an unforgettable performance against Pepperdine University where he hit not one grand slam, but two in a single game. 

No lie, Allanson hit two grand slams, one from each side of plate, producing 8 runs just by himself. This has never been done before in program history, and it certainly may never be done again. Many were eager to talk to Allanson about his great accomplishment that night and get his feelings on some might say impossible.  

“It felt surreal, I did not realize I hit a grand slam the first time. I did not find out until I came back to the dugout after the second one.“ 

Allanson recorded a .555 batting average and produced 10 hits in 18 plate appearances in his Big West player of the week performance. When asked why he thinks he has had so much success at the plate so far this season, Allanson said, “Trusting my process, sticking with my approach, mentally stating neutral not getting too up about the good moments and not too low about the bad moments.” 

During his redshirt year last season, it made Allanson even more eager to get out on the field and compete. He believes it benefited him because it not only helped him become more familiar with the competition, but also with the team’s expectations. “I was able to watch the teams in our conference and got to learn how college pitchers pitch it’s a completely next level from high school.”  

Allanson’s father spent some time in the major leagues spending some time as catcher with a few different organizations. I asked Allanson what it is like to have someone in your corner who has been there and done that in this sport. He found thar his relationship with his father valuable as a college baseball player.  

Allanson added “I am very fortunate to have someone like that, with insight of the game. It helps me have a different view of the game at a young age and that is something that has been with me throughout my baseball career.” 

Since being part of this team, Allanson describes how this squad has been different than other teams he has been a part of over the years. “It’s the commitment to the program, everyone on the team is very selfless.” 

The roadrunners also have another slugger on the teams. AJ Miller has also been responsible for the offensive fire power this team is producing. Allanson added “Getting to watch AJ hit and talking with him to pick his brain has been very helpful for me and also helpful for all the guys, he’s really a leader for our offense.” 

According to Allanson, the team is a very tight group. Allanson credits the team for all being on the same page and buying into the program itself for some of their success this season. “We’re a brother hood, honestly, it’s like a second family and everyone has so much trust in each other, and everyone has the same goal and that is just to win.”