The pros and cons of DoorDash

Sydney Williams & Kiara Zabala, Opinions Staff

There are no winners with DoorDash

By Sydney Williams

With the recent spike in gas prices, there has been a jump in DoorDash users. To try and get around the outrageous prices of gas, people are trusting delivery services like DoorDash to bring them their fast food. As the prices of gas keep increasing, it seems as though DoorDash might not be as beneficial as it sounds.  

DoorsDash drivers are not accepting small orders or orders that are far away. The cost of gas does not out way the end pay of the order. In the article by ABC news “’It’s ridiculous’: DoorDash worker says many deliveries not worth is with high gas prices” the reporter shares the experience of a DoorDasher during these different times. Ronda Gantt says, “they are too low paying. It might be like drive five miles for $6. I’m not going to do that it’s ridiculous.” dashers are losing money when taking smaller orders. Dashers like Gantt are parking in lots that have a variety of different fast-food options to try and minimize the driving time. It’s not worth it to dashers unless people start to tip more.  

DoorDash is an effortless way for people to get food delivered to them. But is it worth it to the consumer? DoorDash makes you pay for the food, a delivery charge, and you are expected to give the dasher a tip upon delivery. If you were to get the food yourself you would end up saving money, even when using gas. If you are trying to save money, you really are not. After spending extra money on delivery and tips, you are spending three times more than you would have. There is also the risk of the dasher messing up your order. In the article “DoorDash review: What customers need to know about this food delivery service,” the reporter talks about the most common complaints about DoorDash. Most of the complaints are about orders being wrong and the quality of the food is poor. The reporter says  “dont expect drivers to get your order any faster than you could.” DoorDashers are not superhuman, and it might even take longer to get your food using DoorDash rather than getting it yourself.  

The use of DoorDash spiked when the COVID-19 pandemic first started. People used the delivery service to get food because they were not allowed to leave their houses. DoorDash also opened new opportunities for people to work during these demanding times. I think that DoorDash has both good and bad attributes. I think that the opportunities that DoorDash opens are extremely beneficial. Overall, I do not see the point in spending three times the amount on my food. The service is an innovative idea if you are sick, so you do not risk the chance of spreading COVID-19. But I do not think it is practical for everyday use.   


illustration that includes buildings in the background and a food delivery car along with a phone with the door dash app
Canva illustration by Sydney Williams

Customers save gas money with DoorDash

By Kiara Zabala

The recent spike in gas prices has almost everyone retreating back into their households or finding alternative ways to get around. This recent spike also is causing a lot more people to use DoorDash to get food in a final attempt to save on their gas. DoorDash is helping more people than what we realize. 

Although prices of gas are rising and their jobs depend on them driving, Dashers are not concerned all too much with the increase in prices. Fox Business reported on March 15,” DoorDash said it will give drivers 10% cash back when they buy gas using DasherDirect, the company’s debit card designed for drivers. Drivers will get the cash back for any gas purchase, whether or not they are completing deliveries at the time.” DoorDash is being more than understanding during these troubling times. 

DoorDash also let it be known that they will be giving weekly bonuses to those who drive the most miles. DoorDash knows that it is hard to pay for gas and other essentials during this gas spike. Yet, they clearly understand and are helping their employees in the best possible way. 

When it comes to the benefit of students, DoorDash helps us a lot. With gas having to be mainly used for getting to campus and work, I sometimes do not always have time nor the gas to get some food. This is where DoorDash comes in handy. DoorDash is allowing college students, like myself, become able to save money that they could be using to spend on gas. Instead, college students now do not have to make a choice between getting to campus and being able to afford their next meal. DoorDash is helping college students both get food and not waste their money in a more practical way. By using DoorDash, students now will have that money they could be using to eat and get to campus. 

DoorDash is doing better than people realize. If it weren’t for them, I certainly would have gone hungry a time or two. It should not come down to the choice of whether today I will eat or if I will have enough money to fill up my car. With the gas price rising, the anxiety of students rises as well. With DoorDash and other companies alike, this stressor seems to lessen as we have found more convenient ways to not use our gas unless entirely necessary. And when it comes to college students, the most important thing in our mind is getting to class on time. With DoorDash, we can use our gas on getting to class and can still eat at the end of every day.