What is Sensational Sophomores?


ASI Director of International Students Relations/Affairs candidate, Wefaq Saleh Alshami

Wefaq Alshami, Special to The Runner

The Sensational Sophomores Program is a leadership-driven program where students learn leadership principles, develop in their professional and personal growth, and serve the campus and community by engaging in community service endeavors. Only students that have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above during their freshmen year are invited to join the Program during the summer of the start of their sophomore year.  

Throughout the year, students relate to campus leaders to learn their leadership styles and engage in topical seminars (e.g., food insecurity, mental health, and implicit bias). Sensational Sophomores have met with CSU Bakersfield President, Dr. Zelezny, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Wallace, and Dr. Watkins, Assistant Director of Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities.  Along with seminars, the program ingrains students with the importance of community service. They participate monthly with Food Distributions, campus clean ups, and are planning an alternative spring break project to help the Edible Garden. The overall objective is to develop and build responsible student leaders who are engaged on campus and are career-ready professionals.   

As an Executive Officer, I believe that this program is a privilege because not all students can be part of the program. Students who attend meetings and help with community projects are also given priority registration to help with preparing for classes. It is extremely important and useful for Sensational Sophomores because enrolling in courses can be tough; especially for those who want to map out their academic journey effectively.   

Although COVID-19 posed many challenges, the Executive Officers pushed through and found alternative methods to engage their class, and help students feel engaged on campus. Again, I personally love this program because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and connected me with the community. I found a new passion in helping my community, and it has fulfilled my life in greatly.   

Current Executive Team:  

President: Fatyma Cendejas  

Vice President: Abraham Mendoza 

Director of Campus Collaboration: Brizna Fregoso 

Director of Community Engagement: Wefaq Saleh Alshami 

Director of Student Involvement: Sanjit Gill