Player Spotlight: Cameron Solberg and Milica Vukobrat


Photo by Isaac Comelli/ CSUB Athletics  

Madalyn Powers, Sports Editor

Heading into their fourth year, the top duo in CSU Bakersfields’s beach volleyball program right now is Cameron Solberg from Illinois and Milica Vukobrat is from Serbia. Despite all of the highs and lows they’ve faced while participating in a partnership based sport, they have built a very close friendship.   

That team building started way before they even stepped on campus. When asked why they chose CSUB’s program they both shared a common experience, the coaches’ very big interest in them. They also have great communication skills. Solberg mentions she witnessed how hardworking everyone was. As for Vukobrat, the teams reassurance, competitive program, and their family oriented program was very important to her.   

“Our whole team is family and the coaches are super supportive.” Vukobrat stressed.  

Solberg and Vukobrat both attended CSUB ready to play both indoor and outdoor volleyball, but their main love has always been beach volleyball. Vukobrat discusses her love for the sport and why she always gravitated toward outdoor volleyball.   

“I love to hit and being 5’8 you can’t do that except in outdoor.” Vukobrat states.   

As for Solberg, the partnership versus the team of six aspect is the biggest change for her.   

Solberg emphasizes, “Beach has always been my love, playing the ball, being able to touch the ball every time as you only have yourself and your partner to rely on.”   

This season has not only been big for Solberg and Vukobrat, but also for the whole organization. They have been the underdog, competing in the Big West with many large schools such as Pepperdine, but they have ranked top twenty for the first time ever this season.   

“Our whole team embraces the challenge and have no doubts we can beat these ranked teams.” Solberg exclaims.   

For Vukobrat, the growth between herself, their partnership and also within the program, these past four years, has been the best to see.   

She highlighted, “We have two more months to prove that.”   

Their last game is April 9 and the women couldn’t emphasize enough how amazing the atmosphere is during these games being outside with the music, chill environment, and loud cheers.