Campus fee meeting holds changes for future students


Canva illustration by Ellice Richman/The Runner

Samantha Cazares, Photographer

On Friday morning, California State University of Bakersfield held a Campus fee meeting, which went through five proposals of campus fee changes for the future. This meeting was held over zoom on Friday 18, 2022, and led by Vice President of Student Affairs, Thomas D. Wallace. This meeting contained thoughtful suggestions and decision-making on the proposed campus fee changes brought by faculty and staff of various departments.

This meeting had five different speakers who are faculty members at California State University, Bakersfield, and they each brought forth their ideas on what they hope to change regarding the campus student fees and their department. These five attendees contained: Assistant Professor Krystal Ball MSN, RN, Erika Delamar the Associate Director of Student Health Services, Alberto Cruz the Associate Professor of Computer Science, Doctor Sarah Forester the Department chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and lastly Professor Street who is Chair and Associate Professor of the Kinesiology department.

Some changes proposed by Professor Ball were that there be an increase of $75 overall. The original cost of all courses including those offered to Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors totals $300, but Professor Ball hopes to increase the fees to $375 for incoming students next Fall semester. During this meeting, she mentioned to the meeting attendees that the department uses grant funding for many of their students’ supplies. According to a spreadsheet shared by Professor Ball, although there will be an increase of $75 “We are still covering almost 50% of their costs with our grant funding.” (Prof. Ball) These hopeful changes are meant to still benefit their students who will take these classes, which are courses: 2111, 2121, 2131, 3111, 3131, 3121, 3141, 4111, 4121 and 4901.

As for the Associate Director of Student Health Services, Erika Delamar, she proposed that there be a $10 increase in student health fees. Along with this increase, the Basic Needs Insurance will also be reimplemented and offered to those who qualify. If these changes are to be implemented, then many basic needs such as TB Skin tests, labs, x-rays, etc. will be free to all students who need them. According to Director Delamar, many of the costs for these basic needs can vary anywhere from $3-$85, but with this $10 increase, these necessary needs will be offered for free. She believed the current costs to be $162.87 and this will then increase to $172.87 if her request is approved.

The Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science also had a hand in what they hope to change regarding their fees. Associate chair Professor Cruz created a presentation to explain the funding they need and why. Professor Cruz explained in the meeting that these computer science courses currently use Intel software, but it has now become outdated and is hoping that new software may be implemented, called ARM cloud server. This ARM microprocessor is offered through Amazon, and Professor Cruz proposed that the software be rented since the fund will be less expensive than buying it, which will put the rental cost at $1250. According to Professor Cruz, there are currently no course fees for the computer science classes but hopes to implement a $10 course fee for all three courses which totals $30. This $30 fee will then generate the $1250 fee needed to rent the ARM processors.

Along with these proposals, the Department of Kinesiology proposed their requests as well. Professor Street explained that the department would like to increase the student fees by $3. He mentioned that course 1020 “CPR and First Aide” currently costs $30 and hopes to increase this to $33, which he asserted is “100% related to the increase of certification costs.” Each of these proposals were put out at the meeting and will be sent off to President Zelezny for affirmation and approval on each subject at hand.