CSUB to Finish Performing Arts Building Renovations by Spring 2023  


performing arts building remodel rendering

Graciela Aguilar, Staff Writer

CSU Bakersfield is set to finish its renovations to the Performing Arts Building by Spring 2023 following delayed construction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The newly renovated building, set to be the Media Arts Center, will have new services available to communication, art, and art history departments within the upcoming year.  

“The two-year long process was set to be done by the first week of the Fall 2022 semester, however, due to supply chain demands delayed due to the pandemic, it is taking longer than expected. We do plan on having construction completely done by the Fall 2022 semester and the internal extremities sometime later in the semester,” said Robert Frakes, the Dean of Arts and Humanities.  

Frakes elaborates that the Media Art Center is set to be an exciting feature for the students who are majoring in communication, art, and art history. There will be newly added services to the communication department including, sound rooms, a broadcasting studio, a computer lab, communication faculty offices within the building, as well as a conference room with smart capability for Zoom and in personal meetings.  

For the art and art history departments, a renovated dark room for developing photography, print making lab, and a digital printing room all new for students.  

The new renovations to the performing arts building will be an exciting new feature on the CSUB campus and for its communication and art students.