Master Duel brings Yugioh to life


This is an example of an animation that appears after summoning a monster in Yu-gi-oh. Screenshot from Yu-Gi-Oh

Ashley Soren, Opinions Writer

Yu-Gi-Oh is a complex card game that has recently seen a lot of play thanks to the release of Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel. Based around the physical card game, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel brings the game to life in a virtual format with integrated rules and unique summoning animations.

The days of having to keep track of complicated rules and combos are long gone, as the game enacts the mechanics of the card game automatically. This allows people who were intimidated by the physical format to jump in and learn mechanics quickly. Additionally, since the cards are electronic instead of physical, players do not have to pay upwards of $100 to acquire the cards they need for their deck. One of the best cards in the game is known as forbidden droplet, and many decks run them in order to negate the effects of an opponent’s cards. It can be an integral part of many decks, and in the physical format, the card is worth anywhere between $98-$141. On top of that, since the card is not limited, a single deck would normally run three copies of the card, which leads to players having to pay roughly $300 for three cards out of their forty-card deck.

Thanks to Master Duel’s electronic format, it is easy to pull rare cards out of a pack with in-game currency that is gained through playing the game. Completing daily in-game missions gives the player currency to buy the packs they need to acquire rare cards. 

Joe Parlock from Thegamer states that, “The kid gloves have been taken off to give us a complex, deep game full of exciting plays and powerful combos, but presented in a sensible and readable way.” The combos in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel are very satisfying when pulled off, especially when one is able to annihilate their opponent in a single turn. While it can be difficult to summon a powerful unit with many cards negating effects and summons, it always feels good to bring out a nearly invincible unit.

Pcgamer’s Donald Borenstein, who has logged in over one hundred hours into the game, claims that Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel is, “One of the most exciting online CCG’s [competitive card game] released yet. It could use more single player content, but for PvP [player vs. player], it’s tough to beat.” If a potential competitor is itching for an online competitive card game, this is the game for them, as it is easy to jump in and build a deck. 

Play area of the game that players will see most of the time.
This is the play area that players will see most of the time.
Screenshot from Yu-Gi-Oh

Since Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel’s release, I’ve logged roughly twenty-four hours into the game, and have hosted a six-hour, sixteen competitor tournaments of the game. While I think it is the best way to play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh, Master Duel is a lot slower than the physical format of the game. Some matches in the tournament lasted roughly thirty minutes since the card effects would have to trigger, and animations also slowed down the process. The cons of the game do not outweigh the positives, however, as Master Duel allows Yu-Gi-Oh fans to play online with multiple friends for the low cost of nothing.