2022 CSUB President’s Forum Covers Important Topics


CSUBPortrait of President Lynette Zelezny Photo provided by Aaron Wan/CSUB

Joselyn Green, Staff Writer

California State University Bakersfield had a presidential forum with President Lynnette Zelezny and other faculty at CSUB  on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022.

During the meeting a lot of topics were covered. The first thing that was covered was the president’s updates.

Zelezny briefly talked about Chancellor Castro’s resignation. Also, COVID-19 protocols were covered, there will be daily self-screening, vaccinations, and boosters, as well as wearing face masks.  

“CSUB is headed to the big west conference championships for men’s and women’s basketball next week” according to Zelezny.

Zelezny said that “we look forward to in-person commencement graduate students you’ll commence on Friday, May 20 and undergraduates there will be two ceremonies on Saturday, May 21.” 

Vice President Dr. Vernon Harper covered academic affairs, Harper spoke on the next campus visit will be institutional research. Harper went over the Data initiative, “the first of these dashboards will be ready this term” according to CSUB.  

Also the School Evaluation Exploratory Committee has been having meetings and expects  results by the end of this term. The WASC visit will take place in spring of 2023, more information will be given from Dr. Jackson.  

Harper also spoke about how there will be a diversity cluster hire for fall 2023, this initiative will be the campus first hiring specifically on diversity. Student affairs were covered by Dr. Thomas Wallace, YOU at CSUB is an online wellness program. The program is a 24 hours availability program for students. Nicole Halcomb talked about the program and how it helps students in many ways. The program has resources that you can reach out to  for different things such as sleep problems, work through crisis, stress management and more.  

Along with the help from that program there’s more resources available such as the Runners Scholars Mentor Program. It is between the faculty, staff, and students. Using this program mentors roles are assigned to mentees twice per semester, meeting with other mentors on campus.  

Business and Administrative Services were covered and one of the topics were facilities updates.  

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund  will be distributed to students for mid-March. According to CSUB, The funding received has been $80.6 million. On Feb. 9, 2022 the governor has extended SB 114 for supplemental paid sick leave until Sept. 30, 2022. This is going to be offering 40 hours for some COVID-19 related reasons, and an additional 40 hours with a doctor’s note for immediate family that has positive Covid cases or even an employee. The daily amount that can be paid to an employee to no more than $511 a day.