Netflix Series Love is Blind: An Interesting Approach to finding Forever Love


photo from IMDB

By Gisselle Gamez, Opinions Writer

Imagine choosing your life partner without even knowing what they look like. In the Netflix reality television program “Love is Blind” fifteen men and women participate in an experiment to find love without seeing their potential partner in order to find out if love is truly blind. The participants go on dates and talk to each other through a wall so that their looks remain a mystery. They have to make the decision to propose before they get to see each other.  

Participants have ten days to decide on a potential partner and get engaged. Once they’ve made their decision they are sent on a honeymoon to a tropical location where they have time to bond on a physical level. They then go out into the world with their new partners, where they find out if they are compatible when it comes to living together. They make their final decision on their wedding day at the altar. The anticipation and suspense gave me goosebumps as I watched each couple contemplate their decisions.  

Married couple, Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the Netflix series and they guide the couples through the stages of their new relationships. According to an article by Distractify, The Lacheys were ecstatic about the idea of hosting this specific TV show because the start of their relationship was done long-distance, so just like the couples on the show, they didn’t get to know each other fully. They said that their relationship was based more on personality rather than looks, which makes them perfect guides for the new couples on the show. 

Many people get to see their potential partners before even getting to know what their favorite type of food is. These potential couples dive straight into the hard conversation topics, quickly developing an emotional bond. They are able to find comfort in one another through shared experiences and similar interests, rather than playing it safe and pursuing someone that looks like their “type.” Couples are forced to jump into relationships and trust that it will work out.  

Not only is the concept of the show interesting, but the participants and the drama they bring to the program is probably the most fascinating part. Reality TV drama is some of the finest types of drama one can consume and with that drama also comes some cringe-worthy moments. In season one, after being proposed to by Damian Powers, Giannina Gibelli gets down on one knee and proposes right back. Many might say this is a power move in breaking gender norms, but I couldn’t help cringing as I watched. Another extremely cringe-worthy moment of the season was when Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed confessed their love to one another after only half an hour into the first episode. Not only had they just met, but they had no idea what the other person looked like.  

Along with the cringe-worthy moments of the show, there were also beautiful moments where viewers got to realize that maybe love is blind. At the end of the first season, two couples out of six ended up happily married. It was beautiful to witness two couples commit to one another at the altar and even impressive to know that they are still married today.  

Ultimately, love may not be completely blind for everyone, but it is safe to say that love can be blind.