Being on Campus: A Third Semester and a First Experience


A view of the CSUB Humanities complex. Photo by Ashley Soren/ The Runner

Ashley Soren, Staff Writer

I started my first semester at Cal State Bakersfield digitally unable to experience being in an actual classroom. The most I had explored of the college’s vast campus was its student health building, which allows students to receive medical services such as a tuberculosis test or a titer test. On Feb. 14 I was able to finally step onto campus for its educational services.  

My first observation was that the parking lots were enormous! As someone who had gone to Bakersfield College before moving into CSUB, I was not prepared for the amount of parking that was available. According to the college’s website, CSUB offers roughly nine parking lots that students can use with a valid parking permit. Compared to Bakersfield College’s five lots that are viewable on the campus’s site map, there is much more parking available at Cal State Bakersfield. Despite the number of spaces available at CSUB I found that the lots filled up very quickly. It was bewildering to see the amount of people who attended campus just by gauging how full one parking lot was (specifically lot C). After being surprised by the parking situation, I was blindsided by another observation. 

I swiftly realized that CSUB is a large campus with many students. I arrived at around 3 p.m. along with a wave of many others. Despite some classes still being online, there was a surprising number of students on campus. Once I proudly set foot on the concrete walkways, I was humbled by how lost I got myself. Since I parked in lot C, I was in front of the theater, and my destination was the humanities building. I had somehow made my away around the back of the building and had to wrap around to find the entrance.

A view of one of the classrooms within the humanities building at CSUB.
A view of one of the classrooms within the humanities building at CSUB.
Photo by Ashley Soren/ The Runner

While I was making my way around, I heard the university band playing from the performing arts building and was amazed by their sound. CSUB’s website mentions that auditions are required to participate in the band and that they are still accepting auditions at this current date. After passing the performing band, I eventually found the humanities building and was impressed by how large the building was. 

Once inside the building, I was able to find my class thanks to the signs posted in the building. Upon seeing the classroom, I was pleasantly surprised. There was plenty of seating because of the size. The room included two projector screens located on the ends. The whiteboard took up nearly all of the front wall, allowing for the professor to have ample room to write. Overall, I was satisfied with the classroom itself; I believed it to be comfortable in size and functionality. 

While I have yet to visit the cafeteria or other social areas of the campus, I am happy with my first experience walking on campus.

I do think many others will be intimidated walking onto campus for the first time, especially if it is the first college campus they’ll be on. However, I do believe that other students will appreciate the size of the classrooms, the layout of the campus, and it’s well placed guidance maps that will help students find their destination.