The Best Study Spots Around Campus


Photo provided by Kiara Zabala/ The Runner

Xochitl Martinez, Features Editor

This spring semester at CSUB, the university expanded in-person classesWith this change comes more students that are new to the campus. To help new and returning students find their favorite study spot this semester, here is a compiled list; some of which may not be obvious to newcomers. 

 The Student Union 

The Student Union building next door to the Runner Café is not only home to the bookstore and Panda Express, but it also has several spots where students can study in peace. The Student Union lounge, on the right-hand side of the main entrance, has a variety of tables and chairs with detachable desks to study that can be used by students (if they comply with social distancing and the mask requirement). The building also has tables and chairs that line the main hallway. The Starbucks attached to the main building also provides many areas to study. The upside to studying here is the easy access to food and drink.  

The Student Recreation Center 

While the CSUB Recreation Center may not be the first place student’s think of for a study spot, most students are too focused on their own activities to create much noise inside the building. This creates the perfect quiet atmosphere to focus on studying. There are also several comfortable tables and chairs on the first and second floor of the gym that students can utilize. All that’s required to enter the building is your CSUB ID and a mask, of course.  

The Runner Café 

The Runner Café is a food court that is now open to all students, faculty, and staff.  Paying at the entrance is no longer a requirement to enter. The food court has many seating options for students looking to study. Additionally, many tables inside the food court have charging stations attached making it easier for students to charge their laptops, phones, and other devices for class work. Another bonus feature is the easy access to a meal for a much-needed energy boost. 

Science I Building  

The Science I building, right across from Dorothy Donahue Hall, is not only home to many classrooms, but also has a variety of seating for students in the main lobby on the first and second floors. These can be used for study groups or individual study sessions. Although primarily used by students who have classes in this building, anyone can utilize the space.

Walter W. Stiern Library 

Lastly, CSUB’s library, located near the entrance to CSUB off the intersection of Stockdale Highway and Don Hart West Drive, is the best place to hit the booksThere are five floors and each contain many tables that can be utilized for study sessions while still being spacious enough to allow students to observe social distancing rules. On levels 2, 3 and 4 there are also study rooms that can be utilized for group sessions or for individual studying sessions. The group study rooms on levels 3 and 4 must be reserved on the library’s websitehowever, the rooms on level 2 are first come, first serve.