Omicron and a Return From the Virtual Campus

Elizabeth Gossett, Staff Writer

An important date is Feb.11 because that is when students and staff get to return to campus after a three week virtual hiatus, due to the omicron variant.   

One aspect of virtual learning is that it affects students and faculty depending on their circumstances.    

“I was ok with the news that courses would be online again.  One of my classes is strictly an online class anyways and the other one is a hybrid,” said Monica Saucedo, a Public Health major from Bakersfield College .   

However, others felt differently, “ I was really looking forward to teaching classes on campus after two years of online instruction.  I was looking forward to meeting with students during face-to-face office hour visits,” said Professor Ruff, an English Professor at CSU Bakersfield.       

At the Virtual Walk and Talk, Erika Delamar, associate director of student health services said if one is compromised then that person should not come to campus and that there will be cases of when people will be made aware of when they were around an affected person.    

 However, it does not look like the whole campus will close if a person tests positive. At the Runner Walk and Talk President Zelezny said that there is a 100% chance that the school will not be shut down even if someone tests positive.     

Students and staff need to wear masks and be immunized or have a signed medical exemption to come back to campus, but there will be other differences when courses resume on campus compared to 2020.  When staff and students get back to campus there will be seating charts, so the professors can trace any spread of COVID-19 in their classroom.