A Beginner’s Guide to Dating in a Pandemic


Photo provided by Leah Truitt/ The Runner

Leah Truitt, Reporter

  Let’s face it. Love is hard; dating is hard. And when you add in a global catastrophe, such as the novel coronavirus, let’s just say that it doesn’t get much easier. It takes a lot to stay in a relationship under normal circumstances because relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic, take a lot of work; they require time, compromise, and communication. Here are some tips for dating in a pandemic from someone who began her first romantic relationship a month before the pandemic started.  

   Communication is key: It may sound cliche, but it’s true. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship; without any it is easy to be misunderstood or to misunderstand your partner, especially when many aspects of your relationship may seem diminished or changed by the current circumstances. It may be frustrating to communicate with someone if you can’t see their face or if there is a literal distance between you, but it is always important to acknowledge how you are feeling and to voice your own desires or concerns regarding your relationship. Unless your partner has telepathy, they aren’t going to know what’s going through your head; if you don’t voice what you are feeling, then they may never know. 

   Be Creative: Dating in a pandemic limits your options. It becomes a lot harder to do things that you would have done pre-pandemic; regular date ideas, such as going to the movies, may not be an option based upon the covid regulations in your state or county. In my first couple of months dating in the pandemic, my boyfriend and I had to be incredibly creative regarding date ideas. We played social distance chess. For this game both of us brought our own chess set and played each other from 6 feet away. We went on social distanced walks around the neighborhood. We played Animal Crossing for hours together, making sure to take lots of screenshots to preserve our dates, and had countless dates over Zoom. Sometimes it was really hard to come up with new ideas and it really did feel as if we were restricted; however, it is important to realize that, while you may be restricted by covid regulations, your imagination is limitless and free. 

   Adapt and be Open to Change: For the past 18 months, These past 18 months have been fraught with uncertainty and in the face of such drastic change none of us will remain unscathed. However, we are still here. The relationships that we form with one another, the connections that we build, and our ability to adapt to change is something that can make us stronger; not just when it comes to our relationships, but when it comes to being human. The world is constantly changing and so are we.