Budget-friendly gift guide

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Staff Writer

With money and dead-lines tight, it may be hard for some college students to shop during the holiday season. But that does not mean they have to settle on gifts for loved ones.

Here are some gift ideas for shopping on a budget or tight time limit:

Gift Baskets

This is an easy route. It is important to include items that the recipient would enjoy, and it may also be easy while shopping on a budget. It is important to set the budget prior to going shop-ping. For example, your budget could be $20-$30. Fill your basket with items they would like, such as snacks, gift cards, self-care items, or stationery items. It is important to remem-ber that one will need to purchase a gift bag or bas-ket and tissue paper if you do not have it already. Another good thing about this gift idea is that a shop-per can purchase this gift while on a regular shop-ping trip to the store.

Ordering gifts online

For more unique holiday gifts, one can find many different items on Etsy, according to a blog on the Intethnic website. Although Etsy may be a bit pricier, it is a good starter for unique gifts, such as custom necklaces, wallets and piggy banks, from Etsy website at www.etsy.com . According to the Travel Away website, Uncommon Goods is another site where online shoppers can purchase unique gifts. One neat aspect about this website is the many different categories and price ranges. While on the Uncommon Goods website, shoppers can click on the categories, such as “gifts for coworkers,” and within that category, shoppers are able to sort the price range. Shoppers can find this website at www.uncommongoods.com.

Looking for Sales

This option saves shop-pers money, but it may be more time-consuming because of having to search for deals or coupons. In this growing digital world, shoppers can download apps that notify them of sales and provide coupons. The Coupon Project website lists a variety of coupon apps where individuals can find coupons for anything, such as medical prescriptions and groceries. Apps listed on the website also include Groupon and RetailMeNot, which can be used to shop this holiday season. RetailMeNot is a coupon app where you can search for specific stores and see if there are coupons you can use and may even offer cash back, according to The Coupon Project website. Groupon is an app that allows you to redeem coupons on your phone, and purchase items like electronics, clothing and home goods, according to The Coupon Project website.