Celebrate on campus with Friendsgiving

Anahi Lomeli, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for many students hey will not be able to go home for the holidays. While it may seem tough to be away from family this holiday, a great way to brighten the mood is by having a Friendsgiving. Here are a few simple and inexpensive grocery items, game ideas, and fun decorations that can help bring a new tradition to the CSU Bakersfield dormitory.

Trader Joe’s is within walking distance from the campus, so I took the liberty of browsing for grocery items that are both tasty and microwavable. These items include chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes, meaty lasagna, mushroom fettuccine, roasted vegetables, four-cheese scalloped potatoes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cobbler, and other sweet treats. None of these items exceed $10, but if you wanted a grand-er Thanksgiving feast, why not consider having a potluck with your room-mates? Trader Joe’s is a great choice when it comes to effortless yet delicious meals that are sure to leave you in a food coma.

When it comes to games to play, there are fun and cheap items just around the corner too. In fact, if you prefer not to make a trip to Target, you can download free printable games on-line. If you have the ability to do a little shopping, perhaps consider some fun Minute to Win It games. One includes the Face the Cookie challenge. To break it down in simple instructions: place a cookie on your forehead and maneuver it into your mouth with no hands. Another classic is the Shamrock Shake, where you tie a tissue box around your waist, fill it with ping pong balls, and twerk it out! The last game I want to mention (though there are a few more) is Defying Gravity. In this challenge, three balloons are needed per person. Each person must try to keep their balloons from touching the floor for a full 60 seconds. As an added bonus, maybe incorporate fun little prizes for each champion at the end of each round.

Lastly, do not forget to set the mood. The pumpkin spice candle from Kohl’s will surely set the vibe for this get-together. There are also cute and inexpensive decorations easily found at the Dollar Tree. Thanksgiving this year does not have to be lone-some. Start a new tradition and create new memories with these simple and inexpensive tips. All you need is your roommates, good food, and a great tone to liven up the holiday