‘Inside Job’ is Netflix’s new must-see

Leah Truitt, Staff Writer

Picture from Netflix.com

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, dark humor, AI, and technology gone terribly wrong (or hilariously right), then the new Netflix animated television show, “Inside Job,”is for you.

Produced by Alex Hirsch, the creator of the hit animated Disney television show “Grav

ity Falls,” and with characters voiced by stars such as Christian Slater and Brett Gelman, “Inside Job” is a show you should definitely consider adding to your watch list

Follow the misadventures of Reagan, a socially awkward workaholic who will do anything to climb to the top of the company ladder and finally outgrow her father’s shadow. She and her team (which is comprised of a biochemist who seems to be constantly struggling with a new drug addiction, a social influencer who works to create subliminal messages to control the masses, a war veteran who is half human and half dolphin, and a giant talking psychic mush-room) work for a company called Cognito Inc., a corporation that secretly runs the government and influences world events and politics.

Follow their exploits as they create a robot to replace the president, party, and schmooze with shape-shifting reptilians, fake their deaths, and unearth forgot-ten memories in Reagan’s own mind, all while trying to move up the ranks in the corporate ladder.

The show will leave you wondering just how far the characters will go for a promotion and what moral and ethical barriers they will be willing to cross in order to achieve their goals. The animation is reminiscent of “Gravity Falls,” and the humor, which resembles animated shows such as the Adult Swim classic, “Rick and Morty”, or the Hulu Original, “Solar Opposites,” is sure to have viewers entertained.

While there are similarities to the aforementioned shows, “Inside Job”provides a new and interesting addition to the world of adult animation. Filled with lively antics, delightful plot twists, and a mountain of family issues, “Inside Job”is a must-see.

**This show is TV-14, so I would not recommend it for younger viewers. It does contain adult themes. I highly recom-mend “Inside Job” to those who enjoy shows such as “Rick and Morty”, “Solar Opposites,” and “Bojack Horseman.”**