10% of vaccine records still missing

Anahi Lomeli, Copy Editor

There has been much confusion over uploading COVID-19 vaccination statuses for the school system.

The latest information regarding uploads and holds have been answered by the Associate Director of Student Health Services, Erika Delamar. She confirms that 90% of students have uploaded an option of COVID-19 vaccination status into the system.

There is a concern that some students are not aware that although they are all online a COVID-19 status still needs to be uploaded. For any students experiencing issues uploading their vaccination records, the Help Desk is available to help resolve this issue by calling 661-654-4357 or going to its.csub.edu/support. There is also a lab open in the library to assist uploading, according to Delamar.

Delamar further reports, “If their submission is in-complete and the record is unable to be verified, they are sent an email regarding the issues so the records can be verified. “Although verification [may] take 3-10 days the hold lifting does not. COVID holds are lifted based on submission to the system not verification. “Therefore, once they submit a COVID vaccine record or exemption form to Point N Click the COVID registration hold is lifted within 24 hours and they are able to register.”

Assistant Dean of Students Emily Callahan and her office have hired staff who are communicating with the students who have yet to upload information into the system and encouraging them to do so. Chief Martin Williamson also encourages those who go to campus to continue using the daily screening on the CSUB Mobile app. He reported there had been a significant drop in users filling out their screenings when entering campus.

Williamson also went on to say the screening is the “strongest and best preventative method,” as a way to stop the spread of COVID-19. The chief was able to confirm that many of the COVID-19 outbreaks that have been emailed to CSUB staff and students were not cluster cluster events. Some positive cases were self-identified, others were from online screening, and from the vaccination hub.