CSUB students and faculty take a stance against violence

Ryan Barrera

 Savannah Andrews (left) and Janet Millar (right) were in the counseling center on Feb. 11. (Courtesy of Lynda Delgado)
Savannah Andrews (left) and Janet Millar (right) were in the counseling center on Feb. 11. (Courtesy of Lynda Delgado)

Savannah Andrews, member of ASI and Sensational Sophomores has developed a program along with various CSUB staff and faculty to bring awareness to sexual assault and domestic violence, called “The Consent Project”. This project was based on an idea from Humboldt University. “The Consent Project is a space to recognize and honor survivors of sexualized violence of all genders,” according to Humboldt University’s website. Savannah and CSUB staff wishes to bring this program to CSUB and give victims a voice.

“After Sarah Philip’s (librarian at CSUB who transferred to Humboldt) e-mailed me about “The Consent Project”, I thought I should ask a counselor about starting this program. I have known Janet Millar for over a year now, and she is one of the most amazing women in my life. She is aimed at stopping sexual violence, so I naturally thought she was the perfect person to work with,” said Andrews.

“She has been a major asset to this program and I believe she has helped make the program what it is today,” Andrews said.

Andrews who wants to help the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence because her mother was a victim of domestic violence.

“I want to help because a lot of women and men who are affected by sexual assault and domestic violence. The victims don’t know how to cope. So I want to help victims cope and show them they’re worth something,” said Andrews.

According to the American Association of University Woman website, “95 percent of attacks are unreported, making sexual assault the ‘silent epidemic’. Sexual assault remains the most drastically underreported crime.”

With sexual assault being an issue of safety, women and even men must be aware of their surroundings. The students and staff working on “The Consent Project” are aware of this and are throwing an event to better inform CSUB students. “Students can expect to be educated at all of our programs, no matter what,” said Andrews. “The first program we will have is going to be Feb 22 at 10 am in the Science III building Room 104. We will be watching a short video, “The Undetected Rapist,” and then we will have a short discussion on what everyone’s opinion is, said Andrews.

Program leaders want to hold lectures on this topic every month and inform CSUB students on what “consent” means and what a good and healthy relationship should be.

The events will either consist of lectures, watching a video or just talking about an incident that has happened to students regarding sexual assault or domestic violence.

“People at these events want to help sexual assault and domestic violence victims. These events are a safe place for victims to go and get their story heard,” said Erin Wallace a CSUB graduate who is helping with “The Consent Project”.

“I’m extremely passionate about helping others and giving back, so this program really resonated with me. I want to be an advocate to speak out against sexual violence, so “The Consent Project” was the perfect program to help start my career,” said Andrews.