ASI Board Discuss OUTober events and Equity Gaps

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Reporter

At the ASI meeting on Oct. 8 the board discussed OUTober events, logo rebranding and President Lynette Zelezny spoke about meetings with the external advisory boards. Erika Delamar, the Associate Director of Student Health Services, updated the board on campus COVID-19 testing and stated that the CSU Bakersfield does follow CDC guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 testing. This means that if a student were to take two COVID-19 tests, one being a rapid antigen test and the other a PCR test, and if the two test results conflict the PCR will be the test that they accept.

During the meeting, Afaf Aldhulay shared a few events that are happening during the month of OUTober and a few events outside of OUTober.The events will be both virtual and in person and a few of the OUTober events include the Raising the Flag Ceremony, the Paint Night, a networking event and a Vogue Dance Class. The full list of the events can be found on the Campus Programming events page

Aldhulay shared a few events that are happening outside of the OUTober and they included the Coffee with a Chief which is on Wednesday Oct. 13 at 10 a.m. and at this event students canmeet the chief and other campus officers and get a coffee. President Zelezny updated the board and stated that she has been working with the Latina/Latino advisory council and African American advisory council and they shared their work on equity gaps and health and wellness.President Zelezny shared Chancellor Castro’s expectations about accelerated work on equity gaps and that CSUB is ahead with the Data summit. “Specifically,he shared we should be implementing digital planners and degree road maps across all 23 campuses no later than June 2022… more on this to be at the CSU Graduation initiative symposium, that will be Friday Oct. 22,” President Zelezny said. Esra Hashem, the Director of Marketing and Communications, spoke about the new CSUB logo during the meeting and stressed the importance of CSUB departments to use the updated logos.

Although clubs and organizations are not required to use these logos,they still have the option to. Hashem also stressed the importance of clubs and departments not changing these logos to make them their own, one example Hasem gave was not to put glasses on Rowdy the Roadrunner. During the meeting Sandra Bozarth, the Interim Dean of the Walter W. Stiern Library, updated the board on COVID-19 and mask protocols in the library, she stated students should always wear their masks unless they are alone in a study room and they are working with the custodians to ensure that there are disinfectant wipes in the library area.The next ASI meeting will be held on Friday Oct. 15 from 3-5 p.m. and the link to attend the meeting is