The Fil Bake Shop in Delano, CA


Juniva Bojorquez, Reporter

The Fil Bake Shop in Delano, CA first opened its doors on Aug.1, 1981. It’s is a one-of-a-kind shop, and it is the only place where you can get sweet Filipino delights for an amazing price.
The current owner of the Fil Bake Shop is Teresita Gabisan Patricio, and she has dedicated so much of her time and effort into her bakery and to the Delano community as well.
The Fil Bake Shop recently got awarded the 32ndAssembly District’s Small Business of the Yearby Assembly member Rudy Salas.
My favorite to get at the Fil Bake Shop are lady fingers because of the soft dough and the sweet yet creamy taste of the combination of cream cheese, butter, and sugar.
It is delicious, especially with a nice warm cup of coffee.
Ithzel Nunez, who is a Sophomore at CSUB communicated “The ladyfingers, they’re amazing.”
Mary Zapien said, “I like the lady fingers because the filling is so creamy, and they taste way better when they’re freshly baked.”
Dean Agcaoili, who is a senior at CSUB exclaimed “Pandesal is good with coffee. It’s also really good because it’s so soft. And lady fingers are good because I love the sugar on top and the cream filling, they have inside them. Good baked goods for early mornings.”
Rosemarie Carino vocalized “Pandesal is my favorite because it is an all-time favorite in the Phillipines. But out here in Delano’s Fil Bake Shop, it brings back memories. I feel like I am back in the Phillipines every time I have pandelsal. It’s also what I have with my coffee before I go to work in the fields.”
Sean Carino said, “Siopai is my favorite because not only is it just bread, but it has a sweet meat filling that makes you feel a little fuller.”
I recommend arriving early to the Fil Bake Shop before the bakery runs out of their baked goods. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas my family and I would go early in the morning to Fil Bake Shop to get some lady fingers.
It is our tradition now because if we don’t have lady fingers it does not feel the same.
If you ask anyone from Delano about the Fil Bake Shop, they would tell you the baked goods are out of this world.