A chilling gruesome Netflix series worth watching


Jacqueline Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Netflix released the suspenseful series “Squid Game,” on Sept. 17 and it is currently Number One in the “Top 10 in the U.S. Today,” category on Netflix.
“Squid Game,” is a Korean Netflix series, available with English subtitles or voice-overs, where 456 people come together to play a series of childhood games with a twist. The prize for the winner of these games is 45 billion Korean won or 38 million U.S. Dollars.
The 456 individuals, who are in large amounts of debt, are thrilled when they find out they can pay off their debts by playing six childish games, but once they discover the wager the games are not as easy as they seem.
In every episode there is a huge build up to the climax, which is usually the game or the discovery of new information about characters and the game. Sometimes the climax happens at the end of an episode which will have the audience rushing to click the “Next Episode,” button.
Everything from the background music to the cues and body language displayed by the characters builds up the plot toward the climax.
Along the way there are plot twists that will leave the audience confused as characters eventually reveal their true colors.
One episode audience members should emotionally prepare themselves for, and maybe get a tissue box, is the sixth episode where true friendships are displayed through sacrifices and others mischievously betray their true friends.
The series is surging across various media platforms. On Tik Tok creators are making trends based off the games, their own theories about character backgrounds and predictions for the second season. But beware, some of these videos contain spoilers.
Although this new series is bloody and displays some gruesome and chilling scenes the suspense and plot make it worth watching. The series currently has a 100% Tomatometer score with an 87% Audience Score on the Rotten Tomatoes website.
“Overall, this is still a savagely entertaining slam dunk from Netflix Korea, which is likely to be embraced around the world as its predecessors were,” wrote Pierce Conran in an article for South China Morning Post, which can also be found on the Rotten Tomatoes Website. Conran gave the series a score of 4.5 out of 5.
According to an article posted on the GQ Magazine website, this series may triumph over “Bridgerton,” another popular Netflix Original Series released in late 2020, as Netflix’s most popular series of all time.
This thriller is worth watching once, maybe even twice to pick up anything that was missed the first time.

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