Submission of vaccination records continue to be a struggle for some students

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Anahi Lomeli, Copy Editor

On Friday, Oct. 1, the Associated Student Inc. had their weekly meeting discussions regarding various departments across campus and student concerns.
More than one student was concerned about financial aid from the GI Bill not going through because they had a hold on their record due to not uploading their vaccination record. The issue, however, is that they had already uploaded it through the CSUB portal but now have to upload it through a third party named “Complio.” Complio charges a fee to upload vaccination records, so he asked the question, “why pay the fee when I already have uploaded my record on the CSUB portal.” The ASI member’s response was that the health center would be in further contact to help resolve the issue.
Sarah Hendrick, from Alumni Engagement, reported having three successful Runner Alumni Mentor Program information meetings. The meetings were facilitated by the chair and President of RAMP. Hendrick also announced the need to fill a part-time student assistant position with RAMP inside the Alumni Office. She lastly reported that all those who attended the informational meetings would be in touch with mentees about matches soon.
The President’s report mentioned special guest speaker Dr. Gina Garcia who was present last Friday and thanked her for visiting the campus.
Dr. Lynette Zelezeny also mentioned that students who did not upload their vaccination records received a hold on their CSUB portal. Those who were exempted from the vaccine for medical or religious reasons should have received an email about getting regularly tested on campus.
Zelezeny also announced that the flag committee approved ASI’s request for a Pride Flag to be set up in the quad.
A few grants were received to help out three different programs on campus. The first being a $5 million STEM grant over the course of five years. A $100,000 grant was given for the Runner from Alumni. The nursing program also received $6 million to expand its program.
The ASI building now has new office hours due to lack of foot traffic. Monday through Thursday will be open 7a.m.-9a.m. Friday will be open 7 a.m. to-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday will be closed.
The Student Recreation Center will be hiring student positions for marketing. They will also be hosting a virtual 5k event this week.
Some student issues that came up in the meeting were problems uploading their vaccination. Some students feel the exemptions are too easy to use. They understand they want to go to class, but they will not feel safe.
The CSUB police reported that they had captured a stolen vehicle on campus. The vehicle was not stolen from campus but from a tire shop. The suspect would not state their reason for coming onto campus.
A vending machine was broken into on campus, the police suspect this will become a reoccurring incident.
Chat with a Chief will be pushed to November 9 for anyone wishing to speak with Chief Williamson about safety or suggestions.
A new campus officer started their first day Oct. 4. The campus PD is also recruiting community service officers.
A new student non-profit organization called Relief Shopper made an appearance at the meeting. The organization offers free delivery services of groceries and essential things for elderly people. They are two-hour appointments with a 15-item list and offers reimbursed gas. They are sponsored by Wells Fargo and receive grants from Pomegranate Co. They are also partnered with In-Home Supportive Services.
The Cal State Student Association is in search of the next Student Trustee 2022-2024.