Ethics Week goes virtual


Schedule for Fall 2021 Ethics Week, hosted by The Kegley Institute of Ethics at CSU Bakersfield.

Somiah Alkobadi, Staff Writer

  The Kegley Institute of Ethics at CSUB is now bringing Ethics Week as a virtual event hosted through Zoom from September 14 through 18. Students staff, staff and faculty are welcome to join in any of the events.

  The four events hosted through the week include “Ethics in Film,” “Ethics in Leadership,” “KIE Faculty Colloquia Series” and “KIE Ethics Across the Curriculum Workshop”. Each event focuses on a different member of the community.  

  Michael Burroughs, director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics, said “Ethics Week touches everyone on campus, as it hosts several events to target different audiences.” 

  “Ethics in Film” is a visible concentration to help students, specifically undergraduates see the relevance of ethics through popular films.

  Burroughs said, “students engage and learn more when they are interested in the topic”, hence why the film this year is Iron Man 3. The film addresses war, prejudice and other topics relate to ethics.  

  “Ethics in Leadership” will include a speaker, Traco Matthews.  

  Matthews is a member of the Kern County community and also part of a non-profit social justice organization.

  Burroughs stated, “it is best to learn ethics in leadership by having a one on one. Having major figures share their growth and experiences.” 

  For more information on ethics week, please contact [email protected] or visit them on their Iinstagram page @kegleyethics.  Kegley Institute of Ethics (@kegleyethics) • Instagram photos and videos