Entrepreneur takes leap of faith


Alexsandro Hernandez details a customer’s Jeep at his shop at 700 Wible Road Bakersfield, California.

Alondra Roman, Staff Writer

  The COVID-19 Pandemic witnessed the rise and fall of many small businesses. Some businesses crumbled under the pressure of closures and lack of clientele, some adapted to the challenges they faced, and other businesses were created.  

  Local business owner Alexsandro Saucedo Hernandez, 31, opened up Ultimate Detail Pro 661, located on 700 Wible Road, in the midst of the pandemic six months ago.  

  Prior to opening up his own business, Hernandez gained experience by working for his father for over 20 years. His father previously worked as a mobile detailer, which is where Hernandez began his journey.  

  He learned pricing and was encouraged to “work mainly with the public, it’s less stressful and more profitable,” Hernandez wrote. “Stay focused, if you’re going to do a job, do it right.” 

  Working with his father, he realized being his own boss was rewarding if you are willing to put the hours in.  

  Eventually Hernandez decided to branch out and open his own business; his inspiration being his son and wishes “to influence younger people that you can do anything, especially being a young Hispanic.”  

  Hernandez said opening up during a pandemic was scary, but “I just went for it.” 

  “The biggest thing people face is self-doubt. You just gotta believe in yourself, educate yourself, know your craft and you’ll be alright. Put God first and you’ll be alright,” Hernandez said. “I’m grateful that I’ve reached out to people, even my own family, that have done it. They’re six figure people and they tell me, think big and you should achieve it.” 

  His mentors influenced him to stay motivated.  

  “They told me it’s just keep God first and your goals. If they haven’t done what you’re trying to do, don’t listen to those type of people,” Hernandez said.  

  Hernandez plans to expand his business.  

  “Right now we’re leasing this building and I want to buy it so I can have a detail shop, barber shop, tint shop, plus a taco or restaurant at night. So yea I’m a hustler. I see a big vision. It’s easier said than done but if you keep at it eventually it will happen,” said Hernandez.  

  His advice to people considering opening up their own business is to “just go for it. There is times that I had negative five bucks in my bank account. But I knew that it was going to be worth it. I just went for it. Like I said self, self-belief, it’s what you feed on your mind. You’ve got to feed yourself positive energy all the time. Positive thoughts and you should achieve it. Stay positive.”  

  Despite the moments of doubt and stress Hernandez faced he managed to continue moving forward with his business.  

  “Like any normal business that is beginning to blossom there is a lot more stress and worry to believe in your dream and make it into reality,” wrote Melissa Campuzano, girlfriend of Hernandez.  

  “But what got him through it all was his faith. Not just in himself but God first. He is a big believer that if you put God first, all fear seems minimal,” wrote Campuzano.  

  According to Michael T Bowers Jr., a customer of Hernandez for a year, Hernandez caters to every class of customer. Ultimate Detail Pro is “a cut above from the rest of his competition” writes Bowers. According to Bowers, “[Hernandez] and his team are very detailed and reliable. He treats his customers fairly and delivers your car back to you as if it was his own.”