The Runner on Air: Teachers and Firearms

Joy Gamble, Podcaster

Returning to in-person public school instruction is starting to happen. School shootings have decreased since the start of the pandemic due to the transition to virtual instruction in schools across the nation. Student safety in the classroom should always be advancing to ensure that those young pupils have a chance at making our world a better place. The controversial topic of giving teachers the right to conceal carry in the classroom is a complex idea that requires lots of time & effort to assess without a lot of negative emotions/opinions arising. Rather than solely picking one side, teachers & students may benefit from what these teachers have to say on this episode. Both sides of the argument are represented and express realistic ideas that might one day further improve the safety of public school systems. All of these teachers have had 10+ years as public educators, so their experiences can give us some insight on the matter at hand.


Survey: KHSD teachers split on whether they should be allowed to carry guns | News |” Music and edits using