The Runner on Air: CSUB swimmers chase Olympic dreams

Joy Gamble, Podcaster

Autumn D’Arcy, Ryan Brimer, and Kris Rogic are competing in the TYR series for the International Swim Team. I was fortunate enough to interview these athletes about their accomplishments during their journey at CSUB. These athlete’s express their dedication and share their experiences with on an episode of The Runner On Air hosted by yours truly 

The swimmers explain their experience with COVID-19 protocols when traveling which have kept them from contracting the virus during these competitions. 

Brimer said, It’s been a lot harder this year than other years just making sure we’re doing everything right and still following the CSUB rules when we are traveling to make sure we don’t get COVID and our coach has made it a lot easier. He has really been on top of things, I think without him it would’ve been a lot harder.” 

Rogic explains the importance of “the contact bubble” and “only be in contact with people that we strictly live with.” D’Arcy also recommends taking daily vitamins, taking elderberry, and staying hydrated. All three have been vaccinated and wear masks whenever they go in public. Consequently, these three have not contracted the virus so their precautions have been effective so far.  

D’Arcy is currently training in the Olympic trials accordingly this Summer starting in June which she has been looking forward to since her freshman year when she was qualified to do so. 

Basically, I’ve been training for the next Summer, and I went to a meet last week and tried to better by times but just a lot of training because there is not a lot of meets available,” D’Arcy said. 

The timing of the trials was delayed but now she can pick up where she left off. Brimer and Rogic are currently devoted to training so that they can qualify as well. This season has been extra hard on these athletes, but they are clearly devoted to achieving their dreams.  

The advice from these athletes for our fellow sports lovers are 1) keep having fun during the process, 2) ensure there is a passion and reason to show up every day, and 3) to learn from the many experiencethat were revealed through it all.