Letisia’s simple and savory seafood cocktail

Letisia Cruz, Copy Editor

  With so much time spent watching food/cooking TikToks, I find myself constantly wanting to eat delicious food. However, most of the recipes I see on the app require endless hours in the kitchen, unique ingredients, or are unnecessarily unhealthy. These are what have deterred me, and possibly some of you, from the kitchen. I decided to share a simple but delicious recipe of seafood cocktail served on a tostada. My mother taught me how to put together and requires little to no cooking if desired and is as easy as going to your nearest supermarket, buying fresh ingredients, mixing them in a bowl, and onto a tostada. 


  Prep time: 20 minutes  

  Start to finish: About 25 minutes 

  Servings: Serves about 7-8 people 

  Equipment you need: 

  All you will need are a few bowls to put the ingredients in 

  A good knife 


Ingredients for Letisia’s seafood cocktail: cooked shrimp, cooked octopus, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, onion, avocado, celery and lemon. Photo by Letisia Cruz/The Runner


  2lbs cooked shrimp 

  1lb cooked octopus 

  2 cucumbers diced and unseeded 

  2 tomatoes diced 

  3 stems of celery diced 

  ½ a white onion diced 

  1 serrano pepper diced 

  1 lemon 

  1 avocado 

  Salt for taste 




  First wash all of your ingredients.   

  Begin by dicing and removing the seeds from 2 cucumbers. To do this first cut the cucumber in half. Then, grab one of the halves and slice the middle of the cucumber to remove the seeds. Do the same to the rest of the cucumbers and then set aside. 

Next, grab the 2 tomatoes, 3 stems of celery, ½ an onion, and 1 serrano pepper and begin dicing each of the vegetables and set aside. 

Cooked shrimp for seafood cocktail. Photo by Letisia Cruz/The Runner

 If you bought the shrimp cooked already, you will grab the 2 lbs of cooked shrimp and peel each of them making sure to cut the tail as you go. If the meat is bout raw, cook the shrimp for 4 minutes making sure the water is boiling. 

  Rinse and cut each of the shrimp into thirds and set aside. 

 Next, begin to work on the octopus. If you bought it cooked, it may already be chopped. However, you will want to cut it into smaller pieces of about ½ inch. Raw octopus will take 15 minutes to cook. Then, rinse the octopus. 

Now that you have prepped all of your ingredients put them into a large bowl. Stir them all together until they are evenly mixed and set aside. 

  Now you will dice the avocado and slice the lemon in half. You will now mix the avocado into the bowl and then squeeze the juice out of the lemon into the bowl. 

  Lastly, add salt for taste. 

  Make sure to mix the ingredients one last time. 

 Finally, grab a tostada and add as much of the seafood cocktail that can fill the tostada and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.