Jorgenson turns game around


Ellen Kommel

Pitcher Aaron Charles winds up to put the ball into play on March 6, 2021. Photo taken by Ellen Kommel/The Runner

Emiliano Tristan, Podcaster

  CSUB’s baseball team takes a win over UC Riverside at Hardt field on Sunday to wrap up a series win. Tyler Jorgensen exhibited his talent with a double homerun as well as having the most hits and runs of the game.  

  In an eventful fifth inning, Riverside responded back by taking the lead with an impressive four runs. The ‘Runners made sure to let everyone know never to count them out. With Jorgensen’s double home run, Nick Grossman stealing a base, and Jo Steven’s impressive double play, the ‘Runners ended the fifth inning with a dominating lead.  

  The Highlanders were determined and did not give up. Scoring three runs in the sixth inning with a telling double play by Ethan Payne, evening out the scores. 

  Tensions were high, and mistakes were inevitable. On the website head coach Jeremy Beard said, “you have to give them a lot of respect for how they swing it and the grit they showed all weekend”. 

  With a strike out by Jashia Morrissey and a line out by Jacen Roberson, it was not looking good for the ‘Runners in the sixth inning. But a hit from Runner’s star player, Jorgenson, was enough to shake up the opponents. The Highlanders began throwing wild pitches, securing the win for the ‘Runners.     

  The ‘Runner’s series scheduled for the weekend of Friday, March 26 against Stanford’s Red Woods, has been cancelled.