Runner Spotlight: Cameron Solberg


Cameron Solberg goes low to keep the ball in play. Photo by David Dennis/CSUB Athletics

Michael Canelo, Sports Reporter

  Standing at 5-foot-8-inches is California State University of Bakersfield’s junior beach volleyball player Cameron Solberg. 

  Cameron Solberg is originally from Bolingbrook, Illinois. Her hometown is half an hour away from Chicago. Early in her life, Solberg played a lot of softball, but she eventually picked up volleyball as a second sport. Though she knew she was late to volleyball, she also knew this was the sport for her. 

  “I always knew that I loved volleyball more. It just brought more fun and enjoyment to me. When I was 16 years old it was kind of a choice. If I wanted to do something competitively, then I must choose one or the other. I chose volleyball,” said Cameron Solberg. 

  She chose to exclusively play beach volleyball because she could perform all skills rather than being in the back row passing the ball like in traditional indoor volleyball. Cameron likes that in volleyball you can attack. Once she knew she wanted to play beach volleyball, she committed herself and began working hard for this sport. University of South Carolina, Cal Poly, and University of San Francisco attempted to recruit Solberg, but she chose to attend CSUB. 

  “I got lucky because one of the only sand clubs in Illinois happens to be 20 minutes from where I was from. I trained there, went to a few recruiting showcases, then traveled out to California and that is where CSUB found me. I went on a trip. I loved the campus and loved everything about the program,” said Solberg.  

  Cameron’s transition from Illinois to Bakersfield went smoother than expected because her parents decided they were going to move to California with her. The biggest difference for Cameron is the cultural differences. She felt as if there was only one way to do things in Illinois. When she came to California, she found out people were laid back about the things they do and much more relaxed. People might see this as laziness, but Cameron feels it is more about the sense of confidence you have.  

  “I was done with the crazy weather in Illinois, and I wanted something new. I had traveled to California a few times in the past. I loved the energy and the happiness I found everywhere. I thought in my mind this would be a four-year thing, and I’ll end up going back home at some point. But as time has gone by, I realize this is the place I want to stay. It fits who I am as a person,” said Solberg.  

  Sports were not the only reason Solberg came to CSUB. Education played a part in her decision as well. She learned that CSUB had a great psychology program that could be very helpful in her future career. With different majors in mind, she decided to pursue a major in psychology. 

  On the sand, Cameron plays on the one’s and two’s pairs on the CSUB Beach Volleyball team.  

  In beach volleyball, the game is played with two players on each side of the net. One is a blocker, and the other is a defender. The team can choose to have a spilt blocking pair where both players do everything, not just block or defend. Solberg says she only plays beach volleyball and not indoor at CSUB because she loves being outdoors.  

  “The blocker will play primarily at the net. Do everything at the net. No going back unless they are going to pull off the net and defend the net. The blocker’s goal is to stop the ball before it gets around their block,” said Solberg 

  Some similarities are that they are both intense and have very long rallies. The most similar thing about both are that they have the same skill set, but the skills are performed different in indoor compared to beach volleyball.  

  “A big difference is the techniques of the skills set indoor and beach volleyball. Your angle of your pass is different. Your setting indoor is a little bit looser than in beach. In beach volleyball, the ball cannot spin at all or it will get called and the other team will get a point. In beach there is a skill called the poke. You take your knuckles and thumb, and you jab at the ball. You do not see that in indoor,” said Solberg. 

  When Solberg is away from being a student athlete, she enjoys playing the guitar, making TikTok’s of herself singing, and listening to EDM music.  

  After finishing up her education at CSUB Solberg plans to get her master’s degree to become a school psychologist as well as continuing her beach volleyball career professionally. 

  Cameron gave a message to any woman that wants to play or is playing volleyball. 

  “As longest you are having so much fun and never want to do anything else then keep doing it. Nobody is going to take away your passion and love for the game if you protect it. Do not let anybody take that away from you. Do not let yourself take it away. A point is just a point. If you lose every single point in a game that is only 21 points. You are going to fail more times than you are going to succeed. DO NOT give up,” said Cameron Solberg.