The California State University expected to return to in-person learning for the 2021 fall semester

Maria Lopez and Jocelyn Sandusky

According to the California State University’s recent press release, Chancellor Timothy P. White announced on Dec. 9 that they are approaching the planning phase for the CSU’s 2021 school year and plan to go back to in-person learning next fall.     

The announcement of their future plans comes just before the CSU’s Dec. 15 admission deadline.   

According to Chancellor White, communication is key, and the CSU has previously informed students and parents of their future learning plans when the 23 CSU campuses went virtual. They are doing the same thing with the anticipated return of in-person classes for fall 2021.       

Chancellor White also said that due to their optimism in the advancement of vaccines, the fall 2021 term should have a majority of its classes in person. Specific information about future classes was not given at this time.      

For students still interested in applying for the 2021-2022 school year, Chancellor White shared important information about the application process.   

“Prospective students apply to CSU campuses online through the Cal State Apply website []. Application fee waivers are available, and there are robust financial aid programs for eligible students with need,” he said.   

At this time, summer 2021 registration has not been determined and will not be clear until the deadlines for summer 2021 get closer.    

President Lynette Zelezny sent out an email to all CSUB students and staff members, asking students and the community to stay safe, as well as informing them that CSUB will be working on the plans for in-person learning for fall 2021.   

“If we can do that, we will see each other once again, face to face, next August. I know you look forward to that day with the same anticipation I feel,” Zelezny said.