Is Playing Fantasy Football as good as going to games?

Matt Lavelle, Sports Writer

As the National Football League continues on with its season, many of its teams fans are unable to go see their team play in person. So, what do they do now? Many sports fans play fantasy football, but do they find it entertaining enough to replace their ability to go to an actual game?

“It helps a lot, we couldn’t have football but at least we have it now,” said Chris Rodriguez, a local fantasy football player.

In a poll on Instagram, out of 47 people, only 16 of them answered that fantasy football is a suitable replacement for the real things.

When asked if it was fun for him Rodriguez said, “yes and no, i like to see all the people on my team do well but they play versus my actual team, so I don’t want them to beat them [Cowboys].”

The NFL has gone through many changes just to be able to play this season while they try to navigate through a 2020, pandemic infused season, we see fantasy sports and the game of football ideals being impacted by the virus each week.

“You play differently because of COVID, due to COVID the protocols for it has changed the way they play, said Michael Hackney Jr. fantasy football player of three years; injuries aren’t the only thing that affect. the fantasy roster and the players themselves. I don’t believe it’s a full replacement, it does at least give you the normal feel of fantasy sports and being able to still look at stats and pay attention to the sport.”

For those 31 people who do not find fantasy football entertaining since games cannot be attended; football becomes another sport added to the list of COVID-19 injuries, leaving many fans to a different kind of football this year.

“It keeps the feeling of football enough but you still feel the effect of not going to games and how it normally would be,” Hackney Jr. said.