CSUB switches to Bank Mobile disbursement system

Spencer Shepard, Reporter

CSU Bakersfield decided to switch to Bank Mobile to disburse financial aid and loans for CSUB students as of Nov. 2.  

Bank Mobile allows for the disbursement process to be more comfortable for students because it does not have the frustrating process of creating a bank account like the previous form of disbursement.  

The former way of disbursement was reliable for some with two-day refunds. But, some students dealt with issues of getting returns after the semester had begun. These issues left students unable to pay for classes, purchase books or parking passes for the semester until the refund is received. 

A poll by The Runner showed that 32% of students have experienced difficulty with the previous forms of disbursements. 

However, not all students are unfamiliar with Bank Mobile. Students who are familiar with the Bank Mobile system transferred likely transferred from community colleges like Antelope Valley, Bakersfield College, and Cerro Coso.  

Julie Oberlies, an Associate Controller of Student Financial Services, said that “Many students will get their refunds quicker through Bank Mobile.”  

Students continuing at CSUB in the Spring of 2021 should update their disbursement form to receive their refund. Bank Mobile’s account is a reasonably straightforward process to follow. All a student needs to do is log onto their myCSUB and then go to the Manage Your Refunds link in the Finances Section.  

“It is easy and only takes a few minutes,” Oberlies said. 

Then the student will need to follow the directions on the Bank Mobile page. From there, the student can either deposit into an existing account, create an account with Bank Mobile, or get mailed a check.  

Bank Mobile also offers a few features that could be beneficial to students, such as a downloadable app that allows for mobile check cashing and mobile bill payments. Passport, part of Bank Mobile’s Student Success Program, is a reward system for students that make smart money management, academic achievement, and good financial behavior by collecting virtual stamps.  

The stamps give entry into the Student Success Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $10,000 to pay off student loan debt.  

Students who would like to know more about Bank Mobile can visit their website  “bankmobilevibe.com” for additional information.