Facilities keeping updated while students are away 


Matt Lavelle, Assistant sports editor

Although many people have not been on campus for some time now, CSU Bakersfield continues on with updates to its facilities. Some of which will not be seen when campus reopens, and some that directly change the landscape of the campus itself.  

Plans for the Harvey L. Hall Family Plaza originally envisioned an improved gathering place for students and Roadrunner fans attending Athletics and University events at the Icardo Center. In the time since, with the help of campus leadership, that concept transformed into a renovation that benefits both CSUB Athletics as well as the campus. Including the relocation of the roadway turnaround, the Student Health Center will now better be served as well, stated a CSU Bakersfield press release.  

“It’s a donor driven project that’s expanded into kind of a bigger project for a major entry point to the campus, and that is the Hall Family Plaza. The official name is the Harvey L Hall family Plaza,” said Senior associate Director of Athletics External Affairs and Capital Projects Karen Langston.  

“It’s renovating both sides of the road there on the front of the Carter Center, and then the backside of the health center, said Langston, So it’s going to move that turnaround circle over and it’s going to kind of open up that entry point of campus… it really will be like a community gathering space. 

It feels like it has been a long time coming, even though it has only been a couple years that we have been talking about the Harvey L. Hall Family Plaza, said Lavonne C. Hall. Harvey and I talked about having a place here at the University that would carry our name, mainly because we always wanted to help the university. Harvey loved this university. He was adamant about education and furthering people, especially in the community of Bakersfield.” – Lavonne C. Hall, President and CEO of Hall Ambulance, Harvey Hall’s wife, said in a press release.  

The Hall Plaza is not the only facility that is getting remodeled, the baseball teams. Clubhouse will also be getting a needed upgrade. 

“We are replacing our clubhouse at baseball. We had an agreement that was on the portal clubhouse that was out there ended, and so we needed a replacement out there. So we’re going through that process and it will definitely be a bit of an upgrade from what we had before,” said Langston.  

With maintenance being done on things viewable to the public, there are also plenty of things being done behind the scenes, 

All of the pieces you see on the road, vital electrical pieces that serve the buildings, have had the main wires and switches replaced,” said Assistant Vice President of capital Planning Design and Construction Hasit Panchal.  

“Also would be the replacement of water lines, which supplies water to the buildings; Admin A West doesn’t have water wells, they have gone bad, we need to shut down the entire campus if the toilets or sinks are leaking to be able to fix this,” said Panchal.  

“We’ve had a long standing project to update and expand our locker room space for student athletes. It’s been a long, long overdue project… a majority of our female student athletes are operating out of the facility that’s about a third of the size that they need in terms of square footage and it’s also a building that was built in the 70s,” said Langston.  

“The women’s locker room is outdated and not efficient… separation of lockers, and to make it more efficient, funding has been requested on this,” said Panchal.  

“That’s been on the plans for a very long time and we’ve gotten to the point where we have drawn architectural drawings and a plan and an estimated budget, said Langston. So we’re just, waiting to see if that’s something that we can continue to move forward on.”