Zoom fashion: Casual, cute, and comfy

Mallory Elick, Guest Writer

Students appear to be embracing the lounge wear trend this fall due to the schools moving online, with interaction primarily being limited to courses taught over platforms like Zoom. 

This trend includes the most common loungewear: sweatpants and sweatshirts. This simple trend is accessible for most students to find fashionable items at a variety of price points and stores.  

The loungewear allows the wearer to customize the look by adding accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and hair clips to compliment sweatpants and sweatshirts in their color of choice. 

Since Zoom typically only displays users from their torso and higher, adding these accessories can spice up the loungewear and create a more put together look without jeopardizing students’ comfort.  

Here are some of the best unisex options for college students to stay stylish in multiple price ranges: 

The cheapest ($)  

Fruit of the Loom 

Sweatpants: $7.12 

Sweatshirt: $7.12 

Crewneck: $9.74 


Sweatpants: $10 

Sweatshirt: $12.50-$14.99 

Crewneck: $8-$12 

Fruit of the Loom and Hanes are a cheaper brand but offer durable and lasting items. The items are priced reasonably and are a great alternative for the more expensive brands. 

“I really love the Men’s Dual Defense EverSoft sweatpants. They fit great. No wide leg; they are perfectly tapered to the leg without being tight. Very comfortable and wash up really nice. No fading, tearing or shrinking. Love the fit,” one shopper wrote in their review on the Fruit of the Loom website. 

Pros to both Fruit of the Loom and Hanes is the price point, but with this comes the unknown of how long your item will last and if the quality will keep up after many wears. 

Moderate ($$) 


Sweatpants: $17.99 

Sweatshirt: $24 

Crewneck: $14.99 

Forever 21 

Sweatpants: $18-$20 

Sweatshirt: $17.99 

Crewneck: $12-$15 

H&M and Forever 21 are two brands that are located in Bakersfield and offer a large variety of different styles at a reasonable price. 

Both of these stores offer easy accessibility to both sweatpants and sweatshirts since you do not have to order the product online. Again, the cheaper the product, the shorter amount of time the item will hold up over numerous wears.  

Sustainable ($$$) 

Los Angeles Apparel 

Sweatpants: $64-$74 

Sweatshirt: $58- $64 

Crewneck: $38-$70 

Alternative Apparel 

Sweatpants/Joggers: $50 

Sweatshirt: $50 

Crewneck: $48 

Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Bundle: $58.80-$73.50 

Most of the typical loungewear sold by malls are made by the fast fashion industry. Sustainable fashion companies produce clothing that takes into account the ecological and socio-economic aspects while manufacturing. 

Los Angles Apparel and Alternative Apparel are both sustainable clothing companies in the U.S that focus on fashion basics.  

“Best quality crewneck I’ve ever owned. Worth the money. I’m definitely buying more,” one Los Angles Apparel customer wrote in their review. 

Buying sustainable can get expensive, that is why the brands listed above are more easily accessible to the average college student, but sustainable clothing has its perks. 

In the fast pace of the fashion industry, trends are always changing at a rapid speed. In order to keep up with the trends, fast fashion companies work to produce a mass amount of the trendy clothing at a fast rate—having a negative environmental impact. 

Fast fashion frequently includes synthetic fibers, while sustainable materials typically are made from fibers such as cotton or hemp. 

By buying sustainably, you are paying for the quality of the garment, as well as the environmental and socioeconomic benefit it has. That is why customers in the reviews state that the items are worth the money. 


Adding accessories can influence the whole vibe of an outfit, whether it is silver, gold, or other colored jewelry. 

When wearing looser fit clothing, it is a good idea to wear longer necklaces and even layering various different length necklaces. When wearing a tighter necklace, more than likely it will fall behind the collar of the sweatshirt and it won’t be visible. 

To create a look that makes a statement, chunky jewelry is the way to go. It brings attention to the whole outfit and takes away the appearance of simplicity.  

Gold jewelry is a reliable choice for anyone trying to have a classier loungewear look. 

While students may not be able to show off their style in the physical classroom, the loungewear style allows them to display their personalities in a respectful way.  


Have you embraced the trend? Send in a photo of you wearing your loungewear to @therunner_csub on Instagram!