The Boys return to Amazon

Jadrien Hernandez, Reporter

After a successful first season, “The Boys” return with a fantastic second season that does not disappoint with a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, leaving the audience excited for a third. 

In short, the premise of the show focuses around super heroes who use their power for evil. Being a super hero in this universe is commercialized, industrialized, and plays a large role in politics as the government strives to add super heroes into the military. The Boys” is the nickname for the main characters who are a group of vigilantes trying to expose the abuse of power that super heroes commit.

With so many super hero movies releasing each year, this premise was quite refreshing when it first debut in 2019. The oversaturation of super hero films has become tiring and trite, so it is a welcomed addition to the market because of its creative take on the genre. 

Season two keeps much of its charm, grit, and gore from its predecessor. The show is by no means child-friendly as it includes nudity, sex, and gore. However, just like its predecessor, season two does not over step the line when it comes to gore. Its addition is welcome and always lands. It shows the brutal and realistic aftermath left behind by super-powered individuals.

The mistake many films and shows make is having gore for the sake of simply having it. That has not been the case thus far with the series. Instead, the existence of this gritty violence adds to the atmosphere that any of the beloved characters the audience has come to adore could meet their vicious end.  

Homelander (Anthony Star), the main antagonist, is undoubtedly what keeps the plot interesting. He is the most powerful being on Earth in the series with an arsenal of abilities similar to those of superman. What makes him so interesting is his complex and fully fleshed out characterization and personality. He is mentally unstable and quick to murder. With a being so powerful and so merciless it is hard to see why he would not be triumphant in his goals seeing as he could destroy any who oppose him.  

The real star is Starr, who turns as the sociopath Homelander is truly terrifying. He imbues his turn with a freneticism that keeps you on edge, even when he seems perfectly in control of the situation” said Alan French from We Live Entertainment.

Yet, the protagonists, the Boys, manage to achieve their goals, not by brute force alone, but by scheming and blackmailing in order to get their way. Much of Homelander’s weakness comes from his mental instability and desires. These loopholes against the antagonist are some of the biggest pillars of what keeps this show so high.  

In contrast, the show’s realism of characters’ desires and motivations is never pushed too far to create an overly serious tone. It is by no means a show that takes itself seriously. It plays more of the role of an adult satire. There are many moments of comic relief placed throughout sseason two to keep things from becoming too serious. Without giving too much away, there is a rather large and long phallic object that appears in a scene which would definitely give most audiences a good chuckle.  

It is the rather playful manner the script is written that gives the show its charm. The writers and directors of this series appear to be aware of the ridiculousness of its storyline and simply give it a fun spin.

Seasons two of “The Boys” continues its satirical take on the super hero genre with wonderful writing and everything that made its predecessor successful. The derangement and continue loss of sanity from Homelander at the end of this season will keep everyone counting down the days for season three to see how far the infamous maniac will go.