Results trickle in from the Bakersfield City School District race

Destinee Sims and Mia Bassett-Graves

As the nation spent the evening watching the election results trickle in on Nov. 3, the results for Bakersfield City School District’s available board seats have begun to quietly be added to the Kern County election’s website in waves.  

By 10 p.m., the polls for local elections began to slow. The following results were collected at 11 p.m. PST. 

BCSD Board Member #1  

Incumbent Lilian Tafoya is reportedly beating Michael B Eggert, leading the polls with 60.22% to Eggert’s 39.77% in 14 of 23 precincts according to the Kern County Elections Division’s website. 

In an interview with The Runner, Tafoya stated that leadership and experience count for a lot right now. Tafoya acknowledges the benefits of the new people that will be elected this term, stating that new representatives bring a variety of knowledge and perspectives to the board.  

Tafoya thanks the community for placing their trust in her. 

BCSD Board Member #3 

Challenger Dr. Chris Cruz-Boone is leading the election for the board seat with 54.96%, leaving incumbent Ralph Anthony with 45.04% with 14 of 23 precincts reporting. 

Some candidates opted to be themselves no matter the outcome of the election. Cruz-Boone said that she just wanted to be herself and be genuine– including sporting bright blue hair. 

“I find it extraordinary that 2,000 strangers voted for me, even if I didn’t win. It’s affirming,” Cruz-Boone said in an interview with The Runner. 

BCSD Board Member #4 

Laura Guerrero-Salgado, the appointed incumbent, is currently on track for reelection with 54.05% of the votes with 20 of 25 precincts reporting challengers Benny Valdez Jr. and Miguel Juarez Sr. have respectively earned 17.24% and 28.67%. 

Some candidates are reportedly looking on the bright side, no matter who wins the election. 

“I am happy to have been part of this election. I truly care about my community and I can only wish the winner much success in the position. It is important for all of us, as Americans to get out and vote. Your vote is your voice. I will continue to support the efforts of our schools and am confident they will meet the challenges that may arise. We must be active in our democracy, because our futures, now, more than ever depend on it,” Valdez wrote in an email to The Runner. 

BCSD Board Member #5 

With no incumbent seeking reelection for their former position, Shannon Zimmerman is in the lead to take the fifth seat with 38.52% of the votes from 20 of 32 precincts Brooke Michele Malley Ault received 26.41%, Ian Journey got 14.68%, Bethany Bachman received 11.58%, and Johnitta Clemons received 8.78%. 

Johnitta Clemons dropped out of the race, endorsing Brooke Malley Ault, Clemons wrote in an email to The Runner.  

With the votes of a dozen districts still unaccounted for, candidates are left to wonder about the results that have yet to come. 

“It’s such a wonderfully competitive race and I am patiently waiting to see what happens after all the precincts are reported,” Ault wrote in an email to The Runner. 

The results available on the KCED website will continue to be updated until all precincts are reported. 

Continue to follow The Runner’s website for updates on the elections.