Taking a breath: Runners share how they fight against stress


Faith Okoli

Students have found a variety of ways to de-stress during the semester.

Valeria Roman, Features Writer

As students navigate the semester, stress levels tend to rise. With some students taking 15 credits or more and others working full or part time jobs, having a mean of relaxation becomes important for them. 

Due to the difficulties that COVID-19 created, like virtual learning, social distancing, and the inability to be surrounded by friends. Students may not be able to do the things they used to when they needed to de-stress after difficult situations or chaotic days.  

Stress is a common factor among college students.  

According to the article “Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College and Beyond” by Melissa Cohen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Coach in New York City, the first few weeks of school can be very stressful due to the changes it brings. 

Cohen writes in the article about ways students can manage their stress by studying as much as they can to be ready for an exam, trying to mimic test taking conditions, finding a way that help students calm down, eating properly, getting enough sleep and exercising. 

Runners are finding different methods that work for them. 

“I like to de-stress by playing video games and board games with the people who live with me. It feels good to be able to escape reality through games, especially some good mind and strategy games,” Brenda Flores, liberal studies graduate student, wrote in a Facebook comment. 

Some Runners prefer to mix up their relaxation methods, opting for a variety of activities. Having different options and things to do can be helpful when looking for a way to relieve stress. 

“I bake lots of snickerdoodles, paint, learn new recipes, and watch lots of cheesy rom-coms. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of yoga too,” Leah Jaymes Truitt, a junior English and psychology double major, wrote on Instagram. 

For some, the best relaxation is taking a moment to follow mindfulness or other spiritual practices and being in a quiet and serene environment to gather their thoughts. 

“I de-stress by listening to meditation music and practicing mindfulness. I also pray, do yoga, and journal,” Diana Pineda, a junior psychology major, wrote in a Facebook comment. 

Other students find serenity in music. Allowing the lyrics to be speak to them or for them helps with relaxation.  “Something that I do when I become stressed is listen to music. Whether it’s listening to a sad song so I can cry the stress away, or listening to an upbeat song so I can dance and forget about my problems, music is a huge stress reliever to me,” Samantha Téllez, a sophomore computer science major typed in a text message. 

Finding ways to reduce stress is personal. By exploring different methods, Runners may find themselves discovering their new favorite activity to help them step back and handle their stress in a healthy way. Students have a different arrange of activities they like to do to help get out of a stressful situation, finding an outlet that works is different to each individual.