CSUB holds on to promise for face to face commencement ceremonies

Ray Dean, Reporter

“We are fully prepared and want to give CSUB students, and this is our promise, a full face to face commencement experience,” CSU Bakersfield’s President Zelezny said at the ASI meeting on Fri., Oct, 20. 

During her report at Friday’s ASI meeting, Zelezny spoke on the promise to the class of Spring 2020 of a commencement ceremony and how the university has and will continue to listen to student feedback which has been expressed as a full commencement. 

“The only thing that we are not really able to announce at this time is in what way do you want to celebrate and what are the dates. The dates are going to be ones that are very fluid for us,” Zelezny said 

Zelezny explained students have expressed their want of a physical walk across the stage with family and friends face to face. Zelezny said, “But again, we are going to have to remain hopeful about dates.” 

During the report, Zelezny also noted that Lab A is being under-utilized and available for students that have an on-campus lab and virtual class following right after or students that need a place to study or connect to Wi-Fi. 

“For those of you that need some space, don’t forget we have Wi-Fi in the parking lot. There is Lab A, no questions asked, except that you do your pre-assessment before coming onto campus,” Zelezny said. 

Faust Gorham, associate vice president & chief information officer, said that there are still laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots available for student checkout through Information Technology Services. Out of 500 laptops, 175 of them are still available to students to check out, 192 have been checkout but are still waiting to be picked up, some for as long as three weeks. 

“We have 115 hotspots that are still available for checkout, 163 of them are waiting to be picked up, so 322 are in the hands of students. So that’s at least over half, but that’s still a whole bunch of hotspots that are just sitting here waiting to be picked up,” Gorham said. 

ASI executive director Ilaria Pesco said on Sat Oct 24, Oct 31, and on Election Day Tue, Nov. 3 volunteers from the county will operate an official drive-thru ballot drop off in the Icardo Circle.